How Businesses Use Economic Activism and Social Media For Advocacy Projects

In the age of Trump, businesses must use their voice and resources, including their communication departments, PR agencies, public affairs and their CEO’s outreach to challenge him. Loudly, widely, wisely and often.

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What is your company doing? Today, it is more important than just promoting what you sell, but to use your platform to support the media and journalists. Another way is to lend your voice to urge all social media platforms to stop accepting any political ads, worldwide.

UPDATE: From Rani Molla, data reporter at Recode is this list of “tech companies big and small are making money off Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” The latest economic activism hashtag is now #NoTechForICE.

Except form Recode

  • Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
  • Inserso Corporation
  • Dell Federal Systems L.P.
  • US Bancorp
  • Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Support Services
  • Comcast Business
  • John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Source: While we cannot authenticate this data it is reported to be from current contracts as of June 2018, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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