OPEN LETTER: Mr. Trump, Intentional Delays to USPS Deliveries May Force Millions of Businesses to Close

Re: Intentional Delays to USPS Deliveries May Force Millions of Businesses to Close

NEWS UPDATE. FEBRUARY, 2021: “Louis DeJoy to face Congress over USPS delays”

Open letter to President Donald Trump and U.S. Postal Service Postmaster General Louis DeJoy,

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I am pleading with you to end your march towards destroying the U.S. Postal Service. As if the pandemic was not bad enough, you just made it worse. Your jarring actions by intentionally slowing down mail deliveries are harming millions of small businesses and consumers and disenfranchising voters. Trump administration is undermining the Postal Service in an election that’s going to be dependent on mail-in ballots.

We are under relentless attacks. Each day, we hear how deliveries have slowed to unprecedented levels. One of our customers reported driving to four shuttered post offices before finding one that was opened.

Letter carriers are reporting they were instructed to delay deliveries as piles of undelivered mail are stacked up at distribution centers. This raises the specter for more muddling to harm the nation’s postal delivery network. Another customer reported tracking their delivery to find out her returned scanned photos for a memorial service were in transit and delayed for nearly two weeks. [We added instant uploading so those precious pictures were immediately received online].


Every e-commerce business, millions of companies have one thing in common, logistics. How to get your goods to market? USPS is our lifeline and that’s why we are speaking up.

We joined Yahoo Finance’s Kristin Myers to discuss this open letter to President Trump as the USPS struggles to stay afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic. WATCH THE INTERVIEW.

‘We see every day how a slowdown in the Postal Service is impacting small businesses.

The U.S. Postal Service is essential. It is a constitutionally-mandated public service employing 630,000 people. They even helped create the innovations that led to this USPS commercial profiling We could not have pioneered bulk high volume photo scanning without their years of help. They are the reason for our success.

Over the years, the Postal Service became the catalyst for our success in digitizing more than 600 million pictures.

“Gratitude: Actor and social activist Danny Glover recorded a public service announcement expressing gratitude to Postal Workers.”

Today, nearly 40% of all our online orders are due to families rushing to preserve the lifetime of memories for relatives lost to covid-19. They need digitally archived pictures for online memorial services. Customers are facing delays of two weeks at a time when the last thing they need to worry about is deliveries. We pioneered a list of dauntingly complex procedures to make sure every order is perfect, yet the USPS leadership is harming our business.


  • Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, if anyone believes this is all about cost-cutting, rather than election rigging and disenfranchisement, I have a bridge to sell you.
  • We faced many challenges over the past three decades in business, from technological shifts from film to digital and 9/11 when consumers stopped traveling and taking pictures. Yet, the Postmaster General’s actions are the most significant threat to our company.
  • The U.S. Postal ‘Sevice’ is named that and not “U.S. Postal ‘Business'” because it is a critical public service, just as are other essential services like police and fire.
  • Imagine if it was 2012. Just months before the elections and President Obama INTENTIONALLY SLOWED DOWN THE MAIL TO STEAL AN ELECTION? Hired a postmaster general with no experience who contributed $1.2 million to his campaign who had financial interests in the competition — like UPS and a top trucking company? Fired the top USPS executives. Then intentionally slowed down the mail to disenfranchise voters and hurt millions of businesses and consumers?

Mike Hardeman, better known by most of you as “Rocky Mountain Mike,” is the hilarious song parody guy from the Stephanie Miller Show.

uspssave 300x245 - OPEN LETTER: Mr. Trump, Intentional Delays to USPS Deliveries May Force Millions of Businesses to Close

Photo scanning has also become a trending activity as families stay home and seek normalcy projects, including to unclutter decades of nostalgic photo snapshots. This recent “New Yorker” cartoon explains why people eagerly are revisiting those nostalgic photo memories.

usps8 225x300 - OPEN LETTER: Mr. Trump, Intentional Delays to USPS Deliveries May Force Millions of Businesses to CloseYour actions, as reported by Jacob Bogage at The Washington Post, “Postal Service memos detail ‘difficult’ changes, including slower mail delivery,” are having destructive ramifications. “The new directive goes against the training postal workers have traditionally received, which says they should avoid leaving letters behind and make sure items are delivered promptly, even if that means making multiple trips,” the Washington Post reported.

Digital Commerce 360 reported that since the coronavirus pandemic, ”Ecommerce order volume has increased nearly 47%.”

According to Tim Levin, transportation reporter at Business Insider, “DeJoy instructed workers to stop logging over time and leave the mail at distribution centers if it would delay their routes.”

usps9 300x225 - OPEN LETTER: Mr. Trump, Intentional Delays to USPS Deliveries May Force Millions of Businesses to CloseIf this maddening policy continues, millions of small businesses, already affected by the pandemic, risk closing down.

While I await your response, to partly remedy your policy missteps, has enhanced our fulfillment with express service to instantly upload pictures upon scanning. However, there are many other companies which equally rely on the USPS that cannot innovate. The mail left behind and on loading docks includes precious family photographs.

Mail is an essential part of our company. Delays, especially if instructed by the Postmaster General are unacceptable and unconscionable.

Your immediate reply to remedy this crisis is requested,

Mitch Goldstone, CEO
Irvine, California

‘USPS is a service and is essential’: Yahoo Finance, ScanMyPhotos Interview


How Postal Service cutbacks have left small businesses hurting,” reported by Samantha Masunaga, Los Angeles Times.

Postmaster general under fire over Amazon stock holdings. Louis DeJoy has been under scrutiny for other financial holdings as well

Small Business Impacts of USPS Delays

New Postmaster DeJoy is running Post Office like a business, cutting costs, slowing mail delivery

Postmaster General Said To Admit To Imposing Rules That Would Slow Delivery Of Mail.

DEFEND OUR POST OFFICE. The U.S. Postal Service is facing unprecedented challenges and political threats even while it is an essential lifeline for millions of Americans, especially those isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Friday Night Massacre” at US Postal Service: Postmaster General boots top brass ahead of the election. The Postmaster General — a major Trump donor — suddenly ousted the Postal Service’s top officials. 

‘Friday Night Massacre’ at US Postal Service as Postmaster General—a Major Trump Donor—Ousts Top Officials




Background on the USPS slow down

Attempted Murder of Your Post Office: Outrage as Trump Crony Now Heading USPS Moves to Slow Mail Delivery. The deliberate delaying of Americans’ mail delivery would be a stunning act of sabotage against our Postal Service. Reported by Jake Johnson, staff writer, Common Dreams.

Trump-backed postmaster general plans to slow mail delivery. Reported by Nicole Goodkind at Fortune Magazine

USPS Workers Are Reporting That Mail Deliveries Are Intentionally “Slowed Down. Reported by Mustafa Gatollari, Distractify.

Postal Package Deliveries ‘Bogged Down’ With Delays, Backlogs. Heavy parcel volume during coronavirus lockdowns, staffing shortages are straining mail delivery networks. Reported by Jennifer Smith, logistics reporter, The Wall Street Journal

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