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Video Transfer

  • VHS, VHS-C and Hi8 tapes to DVD
  • 8mm and Super8 reels to DVD
  • Converted in USA
  • Convert your movies before it's too late
Have you forgotten what’s on your collection of old video tapes and film reels that have been safely tucked away for storage? We will transfer those long-ago memories to DVDs so you can start reliving happy memories, silly moments and major milestones from your life.
Get started by choosing from one of our video transfer options:
Prepaid Box Video Transfer

If you have a box of old tapes, we will transfer them for only $245 for up to 14 tapes. You can’t beat the price!

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Individual to DVD (VHS/-C Hi8)

At only $19.95 per tape, this is the best value if you only have a few tapes to transfer to DVD.

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8mm Reels to DVD

We offer flicker-free playback, full-frame capture, and manual retiming of the final movie – for only 19¢ per foot.

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