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Standard Scanning - Save money on our most popular slide 35mm hand scanning service, without color adjustments, 20% discount from the premium scanning. To reduce dust and service scratches, most slides are scanned using Kodak’s Digital ICE Technology.

Premium Scanning - Our professional technicians hand scan each slide and carefully adjust the images to achieve the optimum color and density, ensuring each image is at its best. To reduce dust and service scratches, most slides are scanned using Kodak’s Digital ICE Technology.

Prepaid Slide Scanning Box

Prepaid Slide Scanning Box

Price: as low as $235

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Is your collection of slides gathering dust in a closet? Have you forgotten what’s on them? Send them to us for scanning, and you’ll be enjoying and sharing those happy memories, milestones, and festive occasions in only a few short weeks.

Our prepaid slide scanning box fits around 540 slides and costs as low as $235, or around 41 cents per slide.

After you place your order, we’ll send you a prepaid box for your slides. Before you pack them up and ship them to us, please read our guidelines for how to prepare your slides for scanning.

All work is completed onsite at our facility in Irvine, California and handled with the greatest of care by trained professionals. We hand scan each slide and use special technology to ensure your slides are translated into the highest quality digital format possible.

Key Features:

  • Free shipping, + $19.95 when Return Slides option is selected
  • Orders include 1 DVD data disc with your scanned images (2,000 dpi, True Color, 24-bit JPEG)
  • Digital ICE options available – learn more about the technology in this blog post
  • U.S. domestic orders only

Read photographer and author of 34 books and more than 2000 magazine articles about photography and digital imaging review of ScanMyPhotos slide scanning service.

Note: Due to swift technological changes, your prepaid box order must be received at within 6 months from the date the order was placed. If we don’t receive it within 6 months, the box expires and no consideration, obligation or monetary reimbursement of any kind will be provided.

Since 1990, we have preserved millions of precious memories. Send us your slides today, and start enjoying them in digital format within a few short weeks!

File Size Information

Resolution Uncompressed file size JPEG file size Pixel by pixel dimension Megapixel equivalent
2000 DPI 18.4 MB 1-3 MB 2048 x 3140 6.4 MP
4000 DPI 66.5 MB 8-10 MB 3894 x 5971 23.3 MP

Megapixels vs. Maximum Print Size Chart

Resolution (MP) Pixel Resolution Print Size @ 300ppi Print size @ 200ppi Print size @ 150ppi
2000 DPI (6.4 MP) 2048 x 3140 6.8" x 10.5" 10.2" x 15.7" 13.6" x 20.9"
4000 DPI (23.3 MP) 3894 x 5971 13" x 19.9" 19.5" x 29.9" 26" x 39.8"

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