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Photo Industry Responds to Apollo Global Management’s Shutterfly, Snapfish Acquisition

Why is Apollo Global Management LLC acquiring Shutterfly Inc. and Snapfish LLC?

During these past years, the photo imaging and gifting industry have been jounced by a tsunami-like wave of disruptive technologies that have affected every category — from how pictures are captured, saved and shared.

How we used to share pictures is unraveling.  Think back to the days of developing film to how photographs are now instantly taken and shared.

WTOP: Apollo will pay $1.7 billion for Shutterfly, plus assume $900 million in Shutterfly debt. It will pay a reported $300 million for Snapfish.

Making photo albums and other gifting products from pictures needs a disrupter. Apollo’s capital is that vehicle to fuel innovation and reinvent the industry. The concern is that the two companies were not acquired by a photo industry executive insider. A person passionate or knowledgable in this space. What does Apollo know about e-commerce, photo imaging, online fulfillment and most importantly … CUSTOMER SERVICE?


PetaPixel: Apollo Global Management LLC (AGM), an American private equity firm, has agreed to acquire online photo hosting and printing platforms  Shutterfly and Snapfish in a multi-billion dollar deal. Read more

Today, the aggregate of new ways to share pictures has eclipsed the prior business models. While Shutterfly was the captain of innovation, with its acquisition by Apollo and merging with Snapfish, a renewed opportunity is at hand.

InfoTrends: Two Online Photo Giants to Become One with Shutterfly/Snapfish Acquisitions. InfoTrends has been predicting for years that the photo output market would continue to consolidate, as some online vendors have shut down or been absorbed by competitors and retailers have scaled down in-store photo operations. The latest announcement is possibly the most dramatic yet, as longtime competitors Shutterfly and Snapfish have both been acquired and will be combined into one company.

The agreement to acquire both companies lends confidence to the entire photo imaging industry. The real opportunity is that Shutterfly and Snapfish will become private companies to better and more quickly inspire real innovation.

Funds Managed by Affiliates of Apollo Global Management Announce the Acquisition of Shutterfly, Inc. in an All-Cash Transaction Valued at $2.7 Billion

At, as content providers for all photo-sharing apps and photo product businesses, this is a golden opportunity for added growth. Their challenge is our solution. Most historical pre-digital family photos are still archived and hidden away in shoeboxes. 35mm slides and film negatives are also fading away from the ravages of time.

ScanMyPhotos is excited for this new opportunity to help and provide billions of pre-digital content to Shutterfly and Snapfish. These years of news profiles showcase how ScanMyPhotos can help by digitizing every pre-digital photo to help grow and excites the market for consumers.

WSJ: Apollo Global Management LLC is buying Shutterfly Inc. and Snapfish LLC, which the private-equity giant plans to combine to create a bigger player in online-photo services.

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