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APS Negative Scanning

APS Negative Scanning

Price: $20 Deposit (Starting at $7.95 per roll)


No matter how many APS rolls you will be sending in, your card will only be charged a $20 minimum service fee when placing the order. Upon receipt of your cartridges, total order amount will be calculated and charged based on number of cartridges, optional services and selected return shipping option, minus the initial minimum service fee

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Though Advanced Photo System (APS) was a type of film used only for a short time, the images captured on those negatives might be some of your family’s favorites. Preserve them with scanning!

Take advantage of our great, flat-fee pricing – regardless of exposure count (15, 25, or 40 exposure). When ordering, choose 2,000 dpi JPEG scans for just $7.95 per roll or 4,000 dpi for $12.95 per roll.

Your negatives will be individually hand-scanned onsite at our facility in Irvine, California and handled with the greatest of care by trained professionals to ensure the highest quality digital format possible.

Packing Instructions

APS film is self-contained in its own canister; do not attempt to remove it. If your canisters are in APS-specific film holders, you may send the film in them; the holders will be returned to you.

Since 1990, we have preserved millions of precious memories. Send us your negatives today, and start enjoying them in digital format within a few short weeks!

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