Hawaiian ScanMyPhotos Customer Ships Precious Photos Across the Pacific

customer story

Jeri with her father in 1974 during Jeri’s first visit to the Philippines where her family is from.

Some people were born to take photos. As soon as they feel the magic of capturing a single special moment, they’re hooked forever. This is how it was for ScanMyPhotos customer Jeri Yamamoto the first time she picked up a camera.


“I’m one of those people—I’d always be the one to take all the photos, develop them right away and organize them in photo albums. I’m 44 now and have amassed over a 12 thick photo albums—we have so many that we needed to put them in the storage unit while we remodeled our home.


With so many photos, and no place to put them, Jeri decided it was time to take action.


“I’ve always wanted to scan all my photos to keep them safe, and I had heard before of scanning services, but I’m all the way in Hawaii and didn’t want to ship them to just anyone on the mainland.”


With her new project in mind, Jeri set to work researching the best way to scan all of her photos. The moment she started, ScanMyPhotos was the first company to show up in her Google search results, but she continued to search. While she scoured the web gathering information, Jeri continued to circle back to ScanMyPhotos.


“I thought, this looks pretty cool, and I saw the posts from others who blogged about their experience with ScanMyPhotos. The company has the most feedback and has been around the longest. Plus, a lot of different articles about their services have appeared in places like Real Simple and Forbes.”


customer story

Jeri and her husband scuba diving in Fiji on their honeymoon in 1998. Jeri considers this “one of the best adventures we’ve ever had.”

Eventually, ScanMyPhotos won over Jeri and she placed her first order—but this was only the beginning of her big photo scanning project.


“ScanMyPhotos’ website was great with showing me how to get everything ready. If I had any questions I would go online. When chat was available, I would say to the rep: ‘I have rounded corners on some of the photos,’ and they would respond back and tell me that was fine. When chat wasn’t available, I would email—sometimes sending three emails a day. They would always get answered either same day or next day.


I also asked them if they’ve ever lost any photos, and was reassured I would get emails throughout the process. My pictures would be flying all the way from Hawaii so it was the best thing when someone sent me an email saying they received my pictures. They sent an email at every step. It was great.”


Overall, Jeri sent in two boxes and about 3,000 photos. She also purchased the 600 dpi because she knew she would be creating photo books—and boy did she ever!


Taken in 1979, you'll find Jeri's grandparents sitting in the front. These two immigrated from the Philippines so their family could have a better life.

Taken in 1979, you’ll find Jeri’s grandparents sitting in the front. These two immigrated from the Philippines so their family could have a better life.

“I’m always planning different photo books and projects. I plan to create a photo book for all my baby photos, then elementary, and then high school. I even have a special surprise in the works for a certain someone in my life.”


Even when Jeri isn’t creating photo books and keepsakes, she loves to look back on all her old photos.


“My dad passed away in 2008. I really miss him. It’s been so wonderful to be able to look at my baby photos of him whenever I want. It brings up all the memories—and I have it forever now. I have ScanMyPhotos to thank for that. Now I can just do anything I want with the photos without worrying I’m going to hurt them.”


Whether you’re looking to digitize your photos to create fun, themed photo books or simply want to ensure you have your precious photos safe, we’re here to help. Contact us today if you’re ready to start your next photo scanning project.


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