Photography News: Recent Updates to Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, and Google Photos

SMP Photo News 300x200 - Photography News: Recent Updates to Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, and Google PhotosLife is always changing for today’s photographers—whether your personal brand of photography is in the form of taking Instagram selfies or snapping up pics for National Geographic. In fact, just this month, we’ve seen a few major changes on the photography front.


Here are a few of the most recent app, software, and technology updates that are affecting today’s digital-age photographers.




This week, the Internet was in an uproar over the announcement of a new Instagram upgrade. Photos posted to the app will now be presented out of chronological order in our feeds. This has resulted in many users using the #instagramchanges tag to urge their followers to turn on notifications to receive alerts for each post. This has resulted in a heated debate over whether or not this new update is a blessing or a curse.




While Insta-users are having a meltdown, Snapchatters are busy exploring an exciting new feature. The popular app over-hauled their messaging capability, making the app even more appealing to users. Instead of the typical back and forth text conversation—with maybe a few emojis thrown in—Snapchat messaging now allows users to have a full range of communication options. This includes video, audio, and text messaging, and the capability to send photos, drawings or stickers to friends.




New changes have hit the Pro Version and Flickr is now encouraging free-version users to take advantage of the current deal they’re offering to upgrade. This change comes in the form of Flickr’s Auto-Uploadr feature which makes it easy for users to back up all photos and videos in one place. This feature is similar to the new Albums feature in Google Photos. And speaking of which…


Google Photos


We saved this one for last, but it’s certainly not least. We’ve been very excited about this latest Google Photos upgrade. Photos’ new feature, Albums, is here to help us put an end to digital clutter. After an event, trip, holiday or vacation, the app will auto-create an album for you—one that is made up of all your best shots. It’s your own personal digital photo organizer.


Photography apps, software, and social media channels will only continue to evolve and improve over time—and we’ll be here to keep you updated on the latest photography news.


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