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How to Become An Instagram Star

Instagram StarDo you dream of becoming an Instagram star? Well, good news, you can gain a healthy group of followers within just a few weeks!


Here’s our step-by-step breakdown on how to build a following on the popular social media platform:


Start a profile


The first step to becoming an Instagram star is creating a profile name—and it doesn’t hurt to use real stars as an act to follow. Most big-name celebrities are lucky enough to snag a handle that’s their first and last name—or single moniker, if you happen to be @Beyonce.


If your name is already taken (which is a likely scenario) consider creating a nickname. Stars like Sean Diddy Combs went with @iamdiddy, while Ashley Benzo uses @itsashbenzo. On the famous photographer front, National Geographic photographer Ira Block goes by @irablockphoto and celebrity photographer Michael Muller uses @michaelmuller7.


Once your handle is picked out, add a photo of yourself (or something that represents your identity or image) and a blurb that lets other users know what you’re all about.


Fill it with content


This may seem like a no-brainer, but once your account is up and running, be sure to fill it with photos! You can set the posting pace to however often you want, but the more you post, the better. At the same time, you’ll want to merge both quantity AND quality so make sure the photos you snap and post are share-worthy.



Follow others


This is like Insta-karma. The more your follow others, the more you’ll get followers in return. Don’t forget to return the favor here when someone follows you first—what goes around, keeps going around in the Insta-verse!


Leave comments


Like anything on the internet, Instagram is filled with a bunch of spam accounts—and your followers may be weary that you’re one of them. Leaving comments on your followers’ posts lets them know you’re A) a real-live human, B) pretty cool, and C) interested in their stuff. Similar to the follower karma, leaving comments can also help you expand your profile’s reach. Another user may see your comments and want to follow you, too!


Take advantage of hashtags


Hashtags let your audience where to find you. If, say, you love taking photos of your adorable dachshund, adding the right tags to your pup’s photos will help other dachshund lovers find your account.


You can also use hashtags to get your photo seen as part of a trending topic. Not sure what’s trending? This site lets you know the top Instagram hashtags in real time.


Say thanks


When someone leaves you a nice comment on your photo, remember to say thanks! This is another way to add some serious Insta-karma points to your profile, and will help you gain a more loyal fan base.


If you’re looking to really “wow” your Insta-followers, try uploading your scanned photos to take advantage of the #tbt hashtag!


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