4 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day Scan My Photos Offer

Give Your Grandparents the Gift of Photo Scanning on Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day is just around the corner, falling on Sunday, September 8th this year. To celebrate we pulled together some fun facts that you might not know about the holiday. We’re also topping them all off with one general fact about grandparents that may help you give them the best gift ever.


When it comes to Grandparents Day, did you know…


  1. There’s an official song. The U.S. has an official Grandparents Day song called A Song for Grandma and Grandpa, by Johnny Prill. We wouldn’t expect anything less for the two people who always make sure the grandkids have plenty of hugs, candy, and fun.
  2. There’s also an official flower. Forget-Me-Nots are the officially recognized flower for Grandparents Day. While the flowers’ namesake is a nice sentiment, there’s one small issue—Forget-Me-Nots typically bloom in the spring, but the holiday happens in the fall. Not to worry though, Grams and Gramps will be more than happy to receive any type of flower that’s in season. It is, after all, the thought that counts.
  3. This U.S. holiday is almost 40 years old. President Carter designated the first Grandparents Day on September 10, 1978. His goal was to encourage all citizens to plan activities that will recognize the many contributions grandparents have made to our lives. Pretty sweet, huh?
  4. The holiday always lands on the Sunday after Labor Day. This nifty little fact makes the holiday a bit easier to remember. Combine this factoid with the official flower, and it should now be a breeze to remember when Grandparents Day happens each year.

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Celebrating Grandparents “Day” Year Round

Scan My Photos
The ScanMyPhotos.com Journal:

ID 10090014 imagerymajestic - Celebrating Grandparents "Day" Year Round

Celebrating Grandparents’ Day
Each year on September 13, we celebrate a wonderful holiday that honors the grandest of people in our families and lives. Grandparents Day is one of our favorite holidays here at ScanMyPhotos, but sometimes the day will sneak right past everyone without much notice or fanfare.



If you forgot to do something special for your Noni or PapPap, it’s not too late! You can give them the gift of preservation by sending a ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificate their way. It’ll be a great way to honor their legacy and memory for generations to come.

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Help your grandparents re-live the past through their photos
Cherry Blossom Festival
A picture taken in May of 1941 at the Cherry Blossom Festival
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Not sure what to give the grandparent who has everything? Load up a digital picture frame with a ton of smiling photos of you and the family, and give it to your grandparents to proudly display on their mantel.
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From the ScanMyPhotos.com Blog
10 Touching Stories that Show the Power of Photos

Touching Stories

If you go to any news site right now, you’ll likely see stories about national disasters, crisis, crimes, accidents, and political upheaval. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll read a truly touching article that brings a smile to your face or possibly a tear to your cheek.
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Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best: Observing National Preparedness Month

Preparing for Hurricane Dorian. This keeps happening, yet is one hundred percent preventable

News Update via CBSNews: “Hurricane Dorian packing more punch on way to U.S. mainland — live updates.”

National Preparedness MonthWe’re in the business of preservation, so when National Preparedness Month rolls around each September, we take it very seriously. Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time, and for no reason whatsoever—but we can make sure we’re prepared.

Sponsored by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month was started to encourage everyone to be proactive in our approach to disasters. In fact, each week of September has its own theme:

  • September 1-5: Flood
  • September 6-12: Wildfire
  • September 13-19: Hurricane
  • September 20-26: Power outage
  • September 27-30: Lead up to National PrepareAthon! Day (September 30th)

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Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical raves

This may be the first time anyone said “BRAVO MoviePass!”

ScanMyPhotos corpoate headquarters in Irvine 300x138 - Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical ravesAt ScanMyPhotos.com, having digitized 600 million photographs, we know a thing or two about pictures.

From the new Regal Cinemas’ monthly subscription plan called “Regal Unlimited,” we noticed it is teeming with restrictions.

1) Range of pricing depending on the theater location;

2) A convenience fee of $0.50 for every movie you book through the app;

3) Surcharges for special features;

4) Must subscribe for a year.

The best lesson learned by the origins of MoviePass was simplicity and a price so crazy-low that it went viral and scored millions of subscribers. While it became a marketing disaster, it was a ‘teachable moment’ case study in what not to do. According to CNN, it is now “IMG 1044 300x200 - Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical ravesgoing dark.”

But, MoviePass did create opportunities. It inspired and taught many — from AMC Stubs A-List, Regal Unlimited, Cinemark Movie Club and us.

There was an unintended benefit from MoviePass. The dream for every business is to create something so disruptive and unique that it changes an industry.  Every business needs to spark questions like “Wait! What? How can you provide a service so inexpensively?” The trick is it must be profitable rather than trying to make it up on volume.

Having pioneered bulk photo scanning, ScanMyPhotos scored years of media coverage for our prior innovations. But the newest sequel is more than magic. It is real and helping to digitally preserve millions of pictures THIS FAST so no more nostalgic family memories are destroyed like what happened in this past Weather Channel news story.

IMG 1042 300x199 - Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical ravesHow This One-Cent Photo Scanning Tech Innovation and Disruptive Pricing Model Was Motivated By MoviePass:

  • One cent photo scanning became a thing due to lessons learned by MoviePass and from feedback after this Oprah Magazine profile

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Are Your Family Photos Prepared For Any Disaster?

If your house caught fire tomorrow, what’s the one thing you would save? Before you decide on that difficult answer, you should know that by participating in National Preparedness Month this September, you might be able to save a lot more than just one thing.

Sponsored by FEMA, National Preparedness Month was created to encourage everyone in our nation to prepare for emergencies—whether it’s a terrorist attack, fire, earthquake or flood. Our intrepid CEO, Mitch Goldstone, is a big believer in being prepared, and it is something he has ingrained in all of us here at ScanMyPhotos. To make sure you are fully prepared, head over to Ready.gov, where you will find plenty of resources.

In addition to survival preparation, let’s take a step back to that fire question—are all of the irreplaceable items in your home safe? Most material items can be replaced, but any item with an emotional attachment could be lost forever if a disaster occurs. These items often include those old boxes and albums of family photos—it’s impossible to replace those moments in time once they’re lost.


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