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Saying goodbye to iPhoto

If you don’t have a scanner or want to spend the time or do the work ScanMyPhotos that will scan them for you at a reasonable cost.

Scanning Old Photographs Boosts The Economy

Load all of your print photos in a box and ship them off to ScanMyPhotos. A week or two later, you get all of your print photos back along with a DVD and/or USB thumb drive containing all of the scanned images.

Have photos in albums? Get them scanned.

As we’ve made the switch to digital photography, it’s possible to back up multiple copies of photos everywhere. But what about all those photos that pre-date digital cameras?

New year's project: Scan your old photos now

With 2015 here, it's time to finally get your analog photos digitized, scanned and archived. USA TODAY's visits, which uses high speed scanners to process 250,000 photos daily.

Scan Your Prints a Priority Mail Boxful at a Time

Have a ton of old prints lying around but not enough time or energy to scan them? Since 1990, Southern California-based ScanMyPhotos has helped customers scan over 250 million physical prints.

Holiday Photo Scanning Gift to Unclutter, Preserve Pictures, the Ecommerce photo digitization service which scanned one-quarter billion pictures, today introduces Egift Certificates to solve the biggest problem in social media.

Organizing Photos

“We recently used to have a big box of our favorite old photos scanned and placed on a DVD.”

Too many photos? not anymore.

“We all have TONS of photos. I mean, I’m an organizer and I still have boxes and boxes of old photos. I used to get them developed and them write on the outside of the envelope what was included inside.”

Photo Scanning - Review

“This summer offered a great deal; $99.00 for a postage paid box to hold 1,800 of my photos for scanning. Their website shows that they are still offering this deal.”

Scanning Old Photos In Bulk

“What’s an easy way to get my shoeboxes of pictures scanned without spending much money so I can post those nostalgic memories and share the photos online?”

Decluttering pro Erin Doland recommends

“What's the best fix for a chaotic command center, unsorted snapshots, and COA(chronic organizing avoidance)?”

Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet

Join Janet M. Taylor, Life Strategist each week on Got Clutter? Get Organized! Gain valuable techniques from Janet and her guests on how to eliminate the junk to create the space, business and life you want.

Organizing your old slides

“Check your slides in case the film is loose and not properly mounted and recenter and secure.”

You need to 'back up' your old print photographs

“The $99 cost seems like a small price to pay for a business to preserve older print photographs. ”

Gadgets for the Guru - My Memories Edition

“Gadgets for the Guru has some cool memories preserving apps/services to show you.”

How to scan and archive your old printed photos

“Whether you're looking to reduce clutter or share fond memories online, here are four methods for digitizing your print photo collection.”

Taking Care of Family Photos

“ offers a quick & easy solution for transforming printed photos to digital copies.”

ScanMyPhotos is Recommended by Amy Volk

Amy Volk, an organization guru, talks about ways to organize your photos including using ScanMyPhotos to scan your photos around 2:30.

ScanMyPhotos Featured in Shutterbug Magazine's Digital Innovations

Read two recent features in Shutterbug Magazines Digital Innovations section regarding our Prepaid Photo Scanning Box.

Photo Scanning Service Digitizes Pictures 308% Faster

“Our services have always been super affordable, and now we boast super fast turnaround for photo scanning orders - at no additional cost.”

"This is a great way to organize and share all those photos so your kids won’t ever have to wonder, 'Who was that?' "


Backup Your Photo Collection Part II

GeekDad discusses the importance of backing up your photos and suggests as a solution for scanning all of your photos.

10 Tips for Sharing Nostalgic Photos During #ThrowbackThursday

Social media sensation #ThrowbackThursday continues to drive generations of celebrity and traditional snapshot memories to

Parade Picks: Snails in Movies, Alien Fiction, & More

"If you’re currently storing countless precious pictures in shoe boxes under the bed, consider this deal"

Dr. Frank features the Best Father's Day Products

on CBS-TV JUNE 11, 2013

Gadgets: Get your photos, slides digitized with simple service

"I recently tested a company called and I wish I had found them sooner."

"What’s the best way to scan my old photos? [ASK MR. NOOBIE]"

It’s far easier to use an Internet service to do the work for you. A good place to start would be

"Credit card surcharges now allowed:
Extra fee allowed starting Sunday, but retailers hesitate"

"It's going to be used as leverage against credit card companies," the president of explained. "Just knowing that merchants can (surcharge) will keep them from raising rates."

"A Simple Method For Getting Those Old Photographs Digitized And Online"

“Get your photos scanned. If you don’t scan them, the risk is really elevated. Fire, flood, hurricanes, all the natural disasters — I just hear horror stories from people.”

"Preserving Memories Before the Storm"

The only irreplaceable objects in your house are your family photos and videos. Scanning them one by one can be a pain. Weather Channel reporter Dave Malkoff found a company that can do it for you.

"Preserving your digital memories"

Jefferson Graham gives you a primer on how to back-up your photos and save them online, where they can live forever and be accessible in good times and bad.

"Easy as a Snap"

Read the 5 star review in Barron's Magazine.
5 Star Review

"Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last"

The New York Times personal-tech columnist David Pogue's review of

"Making a Photo Book With Scanned Images"

The New York Times personal-tech columnist J. D. Biersdorfer talks photo books and photo scanning

"Using social media to improve your business"

"Boxes of old photographs – and a simple solution"

“The average household has 5,000 photographs,” said Mitch Goldstone president of ScanMyPhotos. “We are talking about so many photos, spanning generations, that need to be digitized so you can share them, as well as safely preserve the memories on your computer.”

"Getting your house organized: Family photographs"

Read about how has helped Judy Parkins , owner of Gently Organized, a professional organization company, solve her photo organization problem.
Best of LA - Los Angeles Magazine

"Best Digital Photo Scans"

"[] has become the country's leading source of quick scans."
Delta Sky Magazine

"Editors' Pick"

"If you're like us, you have stacks of old photographs stuffed in boxes and albums at home...Luckily there is help"
Scientific American

"Use It Better: The Best Ways to Digitize Your Photos, Music and Home Videos"

"Do-it-yourself or send it out, here are some tips and recommendations to preserve your analog past"
CBS Sunday Morning

"Bye, Tech: Dealing with Data Rot "

David Pogue looks at what happens when technological progress leaves your most precious memories and recordings behind.
Digitwirl - Making tech work for you


The weekley web show making tech actually work for you profiling

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

Award-winning broadcaster Dave Graveline interviews CEO Mitch Goldstone at the 2012 International Consumer Electronic Show. Logo

#17 Ranked Photo Site on the Web

"Let the scanning begin. Perhaps that should be the motto of ScanMyPhotos, a spot that’s all about turning your boxes, bins and envelopes of print images...into digital form."
Wall Street Journal Logo

"A Lifetime of Photos on a Single Disc"

Learn how Dale Pelletier and others have used to preserve their photo memories. (Note: does not retain articles prior to 2008. It has been reprinted on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette site.)
USA Today Logo

"How to Digitize Your Life"

"Protect your memories by backing them up. If your photo collection is too daunting, try a scanning service. " USA Today suggests
MacVoices with Chuck Joiner

MacVoices with Chuck Joiner

MacVoices is the internet show and podcast that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people in the Mac industry as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Apple community.

...and that is just the tip of the iceberg. is constantly making national news and has been for 20+ years.

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