ScanMyPhotos Review: “Talk about amazing service!”

Jefferson Graham reviews ScanMyPhotos.comThis review from Jefferson Graham at PhotoWalks is the foundation for motivating us to work even harder to digitize the nation’s photos and more.


Last weekend, I decided to sit down and make a physical photo album from the western trip. It’s a process I haven’t done in a few years because it’s so time-consuming. I’m not a fan of Shutterfly’s software, but the result is pretty good. Plus, many of our older vacation albums were made on Shutterfly, so I wanted to match them.

After I finished the album (it took several hours), I wondered about the photos taken from another western trip my wife Ruth and I did years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a companion album of that trip too?

ScanMyPhotos Review: "Talk about amazing service!"But where were the photos? I’d digitized a few, but most were still in print form. So I went on a tear to find them, through closets, portolios, shoeboxes, slide trays, you name it, and finally got the bottom of it. It turns out many were in the form of slides or negatives.

I sent them on Monday to, which quoted a 21 cent per slide fee and a discount code at the top of the page, went to the UPS Store, paid $11 for shipping, plus another $3 for the box.

It arrived Tuesday, and by the afternoon, the images were available to me via a link for me to download.

Talk about amazing service!

Beyond the western trip, I found photos of my late dad I didn’t remember taking, a jewel of a photo of me at age 13 or so with very long hair that’s priceless (I’ve never seen it, at least not in the second part of my life) and other gems.

The moral of the story is that in the last three weeks, we have lived through fires, floods, hurricanes, and so on. Isn’t it time to get our photos backed up, copied, and protected? If not now, when?

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The review: “I and the people interviewed for my [Associated Press (AP)] story had a great experience with ScanMyPhotos” — Michael Liedtke, AP reporter.

Jefferson Graham PhotowalksMore on Jefferson Graham: Jefferson Graham is a Manhattan Beach, California-based writer-photographer. He’s the host/producer of the travel photography series “PhotowalksTV with Jefferson Graham,” which streams on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi and the Roku Network. He is a former USA Today columnist and podcaster who fronted the “Talking Tech” and “Talking Your Tech” series until 2021 and currently co-hosts the iPhone Photo Show podcast with Scott Bourne. The Photowalks TV series brings viewers to iconic places to show them around and how to get the best photos on a mobile camera. The show is produced on an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Graham also writes the PhotowalksTV newsletter on Substack and is a weekly travel contributor for Scripps News and the Morning Rush program. He is a regular on The Mark Thompson Show and Nikki Medoro Show on YouTube with tech and photography commentary. [Source: From Jeff’s website].

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