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Preserving Memories with

Maureen Taylor's Photo Detective® Podcast ScanMyPhotos InterviewIn the world of historic photo preservation, one name stands out: Maureen Taylor, also known as the Photo Detective®. She has become an internationally renowned figure in the field with her expertise in photo identification, preservation, and genealogical research.

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Recently, on the Photo Detective Podcast, Mitch Goldstone from joined Maureen to discuss how his company has transformed photo preservation. has preserved over a billion pictures and specializes in digitizing old photographs, slides, and films.

Transitioning to Digital: A Milestone for Preservation

Excerpt: Mitch shared insights into ScanMyPhotos journey from traditional photo labs to embracing digital scanning. Technological advancements and significant events like 9/11 spurred this transition, showcasing the importance of adapting to changes.

Preserving Memories, One Scan at a Time

Digitizing photos isn’t just about convenience but safeguarding precious memories. By converting old photos into digital formats, ScanMyPhotos helps prevent loss due to deterioration or disasters.

Introducing ScanFast: A Service for Urgent Needs

One notable service offered by is ScanFast, which provides same-day scanning for urgent situations like memorial services. This quick turnaround ensures that cherished memories can be shared promptly.

Embracing the Future of Photo Archiving

Looking ahead, Mitch discussed the role of digital archiving in preserving family history and cultural heritage. He also touched on the exciting possibilities of AI and virtual reality in enhancing the photo-viewing experience.

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