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ScanMyPhotos: Pioneering the Way to Preserve Your Memories Shares Its Story on Top Tech and Photography Podcasts


ScanMyPhotos Podcast Interviews. In a world brimming with countless memories captured on old photographs, ScanMyPhotos stands tall as a pioneer in bulk photo scanning. With a treasure trove of insights and a rich history of photo preservation, the photo archival company has become a sought-after guest on top photography and tech podcasts. Through their interviews, they inspire photo archivists to embark on a journey of digitally preserving their pictures and provide valuable guidance to entrepreneurs looking to run a successful business. Let’s explore some recent programs that highlight their expertise.


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Blog520 300x300 - Marc Saltzman's "Tech It Out" Podcast Interviews ScanMyPhotosMarc Saltzman’s “Tech It Out” Podcast Interviews ScanMyPhotos The Magic of Memories: A Dive into Photo Scanning

In this captivating podcast interview with Marc Saltzman, ScanMyPhotos takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the magical realm of memories. As the hosts weave nostalgia tales, reveals the secrets of their bulk photo scanning services. The symbolic key they hold unlocks a door that leads to a digital realm where treasured memories come to life. This program captures the essence of why preserving photographs is a gift that transcends time.

Airing over 100 times a week on radio stations across the U.S., Tech It Out is a weekly 1-hour show devoted to making sense of our fast-paced digital world. The show covers consumer electronics, new apps, and social media, interactive entertainment, and business tech. But no need for a Geek-to-English dictionary!

Maureen Taylor's Photo Detective® Podcast ScanMyPhotos InterviewTune in. Listen to the top-rated genealogy podcast, The Photo Detective, for an exclusive interview with ScanMyPhotos.

What truly sets ScanMyPhotos apart is its commitment to preserving memories and making them easily accessible in times of urgency through its ScanFast service. For preserving family history, Mitch and his team have truly mastered the art of preserving the past while embracing the future. But our conversation didn’t stop there!

We also peered into the crystal ball of photo archiving, discussing the exciting possibilities that lie ahead with advancements in AI and virtual reality. The future of memory preservation has never looked brighter, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Mitch Goldstone leading the charge.

— The Photo Detective®


This Week in PHOTO. Preserving Legacies: The Importance of Scanning Your Memories

Imagine photographs as time capsules, holding the memories of generations past. In this enlightening interview, emphasizes the significance of scanning your memories. They guide us through the process, shedding light on how their services provide a lifeline to preserving legacies. Like expert storytellers, they urge us to take up the mantle of our family history and ensure it is cherished for generations to come. Frederick Van Johnson hosts This Week in Photo, also known as TWiP — the flagship show on The TWiP Network and TWiP Talks. Each week, Frederick sits down (virtually) with a few photographers or photography industry professionals to discuss what’s been happening over the past week in the world of photography. TWiP is a free show you can watch on YouTube or listen to by subscribing on iTunes.


richontechpic2 300x300 - "Rich On Tech" ScanMyPhotos InterviewBusiness Brilliance: Insights from

Unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit, shares its business acumen in this illuminating interview With Rich Demuro on “Rich On Tech,” syndicated nationwide. They sprinkle gems of wisdom as they reveal the inner workings of their successful operation. Just as a photographer frames the perfect shot, frames the blueprint for running a thriving business. With their advice, aspiring entrepreneurs can develop a sharp focus and capture the essence of success.

You might know that ScanMyPhotos pioneered bulk photo scanning, videos, and 35mm slide scanning into digital formats. The widely popular “Rich on Tech” podcast shares new insights on smart innovations in photo scanning.

We explain why digitizing photos is a smart way to save precious memories and how convenient and affordable it is to scan and secure your photo memories.

DISCOVER why everyone will be INSPIRED after listening to these new media interviews on the URGENCY to get digital copies of every photo, slide, film, and home movie. Discover what’s new.


PhotoWalksTV with Jefferson Graham interviews ScanMyPhotos CEO, Mitch Goldstone.

Tech enthusiasts rejoice! ScanMyPhotos’ CEO shares the stage with esteemed tech expert Jefferson Graham in this riveting interview. Together, they create a symphony of knowledge, guiding us through the latest innovations in photo-scanning technology. They demystify complex concepts and transform them into a picturesque landscape of understanding. Like a technological maestro, strikes the right chord, harmonizing the worlds of photography and technology.

Former USA Today columnist Jefferson Graham’s photo meets tech updates, Photowalk travel photography and videos, and an occasional guitar tune.


Amber Mac Podcast "The Feed" ScanMyPhotos interview.


ScanMyPhotos’ presence as a regular guest on top photography and tech podcasts is a testament to their expertise in bulk photo scanning and preserving memories. Through their symbolic keys, they unlock the archives of treasured photographs to convert the images to digital files. Their interviews inspire photo archivists to embark on the path of preservation and offer valuable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. As they continue to share insights and the history of photo scanning, ScanMyPhotos stands tall as the beacon of hope for those seeking to preserve their memories for future generations.



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