Associated Press: Rediscover Photo Memories, Old Photos Digitized, Joy Unleashed

Today, we share this nationally syndicated Associated Press (AP) feature on the emotions and importance of digitizing your pictures for PICTURE THIS!

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Summary: Millions of old printed photos are often stored away and forgotten. Digitizing these photos can revive cherished memories, as exemplified by Mitch Goldstone’s passion for turning analog pictures into digital treasures through his business, ScanMyPhotos.

Millions of old analog photos are sitting in storage. Digitizing them can unlock countless memoriesImportance: Digitizing old printed photos is crucial for several reasons:

Preservation of Memories: Old photos capture important moments in people’s lives, and digitizing them ensures they are preserved for future generations. The fading and deterioration of physical photos can result in losing valuable family history.

Access and Rediscovery: Many people have old photos tucked away in boxes or drawers, making them inaccessible. Digitizing these photos allows individuals to access and rediscover these long-forgotten moments and loved ones easily.

<< Read the AP article: “Millions of old printed photos are sitting in storage. Digitizing them can unlock countless memories.” >>

  1. Emotional Value: Photos hold sentimental value, and viewing them can evoke strong emotions. Digitized photos can bring back the joy of reliving past experiences, rekindling connections with loved ones, and celebrating life’s milestones.
  2. Sharing and Connectivity: Digital photos can be effortlessly shared with friends and family, fostering connections and enabling the sharing of family stories and histories. They can also be easily integrated into digital platforms like social media and family tree websites.
  3. Preservation of History: Old photos often contain historical significance, documenting events, places, and people from bygone eras. Digitization helps preserve these historical records for research and posterity.

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For over six months, we invested our hearts into this AP story about the emotions tied to digitizing pictures. I orchestrated customer interviews to enrich the narrative. But the key detail was conspicuously absent when it went viral across 400+ media outlets: everyone profiled is a customer. That is why we updated our website to reflect this information.

Associated Press (AP) profiles ScanMyPhotos and reports on the emotionally reasons to get digital copies from your pictures

In summary, digitizing old printed photos is a meaningful and vital endeavor that safeguards cherished memories and enables individuals to reconnect with their past, share their stories, and contribute to preserving cultural and historical heritage.

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