Calling all nostalgia lovers, family historians, and photo archivists.

Hello Photo Archivists,

You know that thing you’ve been meaning to do for years? We are sharing why and how to digitally preserve your family history of pictures.
ScanMyPhotosWhere Are Your Photos?

If you’re like most people, your parents or grandparents have probably taken many thousands of family photos over the years that are now scattered across various photo albums and frames. Some of them might even be stored in an old shoebox at the back of your closet!

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While old photos are great conversation pieces, they can become faded with age. Also, they could be ruined by mold or mildew if stored in an attic or basement with high humidity levels.

Why Make Digital Copies of Your Photographs

The good news is that when those precious photos are digitized, it will help preserve them for future generations to enjoy and cherish for many years to come and make them easier to share with friends and family members worldwide.

If you’re not sure how to begin this process, read on below to learn why you should digitize your family’s photos today!

Ever get a “Rediscover This Day” message on your iPhone? These are tip-of-the-iceberg AI (artificial Intelligence) programs. Only recent photos stored on your smartphone are used. What about your decades-past pictures, 35mm slides, home movie film, negatives, and VHS tapes? Those are still analog and not part of your catalog of pictures to choose from. Those memories are still bound in dusty photo albums and long-forgotten shoeboxes cluttered away in storage.

ScanMyPhotos 32 years preserving the nation's photo archivesSure, photo-sharing apps like Google Photos make it easy to view all of the pictures. But not those still analog archives of nostalgia. Same with Facebook’s “On This Day” and other archival services. Missing from Google Photos’ Memories is content – your history of snapshots and more. Only existing digitized content on your camera roll is attainable.

Why does this matter? Can you remember what you had for lunch yesterday, last week? How about years ago? What about the clothing you wore. That 1970’s hairstyle, your first home, and your first pet? Can you recall the Halloween costume you fancied twenty-five years ago or the type of car you rode to prom?

Those memories are at best a blur. You can either find a magical ‘back to the future’ time machine to discover who was at the family reunion, anniversary party or join on your first ocean cruise. Or you can easily get everything scanned to save forever.

After Making Digital Copies, What Next?

Share everything after digitizing to make digital copies from vacation trips and family events. Order DVD data discs, 8GB custom thumb drives, and instant downloading of each JPEG file to your computer and favorite photo-sharing sites.

While old photos are great conversation pieces, they can become faded with age. Also, they could be ruined by mold or mildew if stored in an attic or basement with high humidity levels.

Absent of a time machine to go back to yesteryear and discover the colors, activities, and family adventures, there is a way to spark reminiscent emotions.

Imagine having a high-performance race car but without gas. The fuel to travel back in time to rediscover your history has never been simpler. It all begins with finding your trove of snapshots and other photo formats, then getting everything digitized to preserve and share on today’s social media and photo-sharing apps.

In order to simplify, organize and share your archive of photographs, created an affordable and easy way to scan photos. Our all-new site takes you through the entire digitizing process, step-by-step. We designed our site in a very simple way. The goal is to make scanning memories fun and enjoyable!

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