The Minimalists: How to unclutter paper photographs and more

The Minimalists: “ has the best reviews”

Tune into The Minimalists Podcast Episode 322 | Paper Clutter:

“I really should do something about that… What about all these photos I’ve been meaning to scan? The greatest thing about paper clutter is if you were to lose it. If you had a house fire and lost things that would create more worry and more anxiety.  Q: What companies do you recommend to have your photos saved to the cloud? A: The one I know that has the best reviews is a website called If you want to send them [photos] off somewhere, they can handle them for you. If you want to send off your photos, also old slides, negatives, also VHS tapes, 8mm film, online storage for all those things so you can have them backed up. They can provide you with a USB drive, or even a DVD… I’ve had tons of people recommend ScanMyPhotos…”   


[ScanMyPhotos mention 6:30 minutes in].

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