The Biggest Photo Sharing Problem in the Digital Age Is Solved

Snapping photos on our iPhones, GALAXY S5’s, and now Amazon Fire Phones create a monumental problem when it comes to photo sharing. Yes, we can easily share our digital photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but this new technology is largely stuck in the present. We can only share recent photos from our smart phones, rather than photos from 10, 20, or even 50 years ago.


Digital photo sharingOn #TBT (Throw Back Thursday), how many of you open a photo album, snap a picture of a photo from 1983 on your smart phone, and then share it on Facebook? That is a temporary solution at best, especially when you consider that there are an estimated 3.5 trillion analog photos that are missing out on their 15 minutes of fame because all of those snapshots are still analog.


Shoe boxes of snapshots and carousals of 35mm slides are an integral part of our family’s history. With the surge in digital photo sharing, there is a corresponding urgency to quickly, easily, and affordably scan photos and share them with friends and family.

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Blogger @Frugalinda Mentions Scanning Box

Blogger, Linda Beaudry Condrillo, “FrugaLinda” shares ways to get just about everything for practically nothing.  She does the work for us by shopping, sharing, tweeting and blogging about all the great deals she identifies. According to her blog, from luxury goods and services at bargain basement prices, Linda provides up-to-date information about sales you can’t afford to miss; how to lower nearly all of your monthly bills, and point you in the right direction if you like to plan your own (frugal but fabulous) vacation getaways.


We are pleased that Linda included and our pay one price photo scanning service among her top eight ways to save. Read more.




(Almost) Unlimited Photo Scanning

ScanMyPhotos on Instagram

Pay $145 to scan about 1800 photos to DVD with free S/H

If you’re one of those people who stores a lifetime of memories in a shoe box under your bed, or in bins in closets, or envelopes in every available drawer (or all of the above), consider having them all scanned and stored safely on a disc at

President and CEO Mitch Goldstone says, “We have long used a pay one price model to make ordering of photo scanning easy and affordable. It works because there is only one price and is super simple.”  Their most popular service? A prepaid pay one price, fill-the-box scanning, for just $145. This includes free 3-day shipping and fast 5-10 day scanning. Can’t beat having about 1,800 to 2,000 nostalgic photo snapshots digitized in days for just $145.

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How to Photograph Babies: 7 Tips That Will Make You Ooh and Aah

I was reminded how difficult it is to photograph babies when I went to visit my friends and their newborn son last week. Capturing his sweet little face and tiny little body wrapped up in a blanket was really, really hard. I shot him from above, and well, it didn’t do him justice.
So, I did some research around how to photograph babies in a way that truly captures their adorableness. Here’s what I found:
1. Lay down next to them
This is one thing we definitely didn’t do enough with our own kids: Lay on the floor or bed next to the baby. You’ll end up with shots taken on his level rather than looking down at him.
2. Opt for simple backgrounds
When you’re taking portrait-style shots, clear out the clutter and opt for a neutral, basic background. You can place the baby on a soft white or cream sheet or blanket draped over his boppy pillow or laid out on a bed.

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