“You Need to ‘Back Up’ Your Old Print Photographs”

Tony Bradley at CSO Magazine, which provides news, analysis and research published a detailed review on ScanMyPhotos.com.


I did some digging for my own personal needs, and found ScanMyPhotos.com. The company offers a variety of scanning services, including scanning of slides or negatives, but the service that caught my attention is the Prepaid Photo Scanning Box. For [$145], ScanMyPhotos will scan up to 1,800 print photographs at a resolution of 300dpi and put them on a DVD for you. If you want higher resolution digital images, you can opt for 600dpi scans for [$235].


The process is pretty simple. ScanMyPhotos sends you a flat, prepaid USPS Priority Mail box to ship your photos. You’re expected to group photos in bundles—preferably bundles of a consistent size to make it easier for ScanMyPhotos workers to feed them in to the scanner—and fill the box to the max. ScanMyPhotos estimates that the box will hold roughly 1,800 standard print photographs.

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