Top Ranked Super Bowl® 54 TV Commercials by

As companies invest millions to be seen during the biggest sporting event of the year, had an early viewing party and asked everyone to rate their favorite Super Bowll® TV spots for Sunday’s game.

We looked at participating, but as this article in “TheStreet” explains, we took a hard pass: How Much Do Super Bowl Commercials Cost?

The best of the best Super Bowl TV commercials, according to

Amazon: What did we do #BeforeAlexa?

WeatherTech: A new 30-second commercial, titled “Lucky Dog,” will air during the second quarter of Super Bowl LIV. Paid for by WeatherTech, manufacturer of automotive accessories and home and pet care products.

Avocados From Mexico Teasers Super Bowl Commercials 2020

Microsoft Super Bowl 2020 Commercial: Be The One / Katie Sowers

Facebook Super Bowl Commercials 2020 

Facebook Groups: Chris Rock is Ready for Lift Off! I Super Bowl 2020

Audi Presents: Let It Go

Password Paradise | Dashlane™ Big Game Commercial 2020

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What You Need to Know About Restoring Ripped Photos

Restoring Ripped PhotosTips for restoring damaged photos

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world: that moment when you hear an old print photo rip or tear in your hands. This commonly happens during a photo-scanning project when trying to remove old pictures from an ancient adhesive-lined photo album.

Hindsight is 20/20 and we now know to only store print photos in archival quality albums—however, the damage has been done and now you need to know how to go about restoring ripped photos. This link provides an easy fix for restoring damaged photos

So, what do you do when you try to remove a photo from a sticky situation only to have the thing fall to pieces? Here’s what we suggest:

How To Restore and Fix Old, Damaged Photos

How to restore damaged pictures

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Keep all the pieces together

Don’t even think about tossing those shreds of a memory and losing all hope. With the miracle of modern photo-editing software, it’s possible to start restoring ripped photos by simply keeping all the pieces together as if it were a puzzle you need to solve.

Get the glue ready

Yphotorestoration 300x300 - What You Need to Know About Restoring Ripped Photosup, that’s right, you’ll want to start gluing or taping all those pieces back together now. But before you do, it’s important to make sure you’re using adhesive products that won’t continue to damage the photo.

There are several photo-safe types of glue and tape available to choose from, like Pioneer’s Photo Glue Stick Square Dual Edge.

Make a digital copy

Once the pieces are in place (as best as they can be), you’ll need to scan the damaged photo. You can do this by sending the photo to our team here at ScanMyPhotos, where we can help you skip the next step by restoring ripped photos to their former glory. Or, you can try to scan the cobbled photo on your home scanner. While this second option will functionally work, remember the resolution and quality of the digital file will be very poor quality.

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10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

IMG 4225 - 10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

10 tips to better enjoy Throwback Thursday by History of #TBT

At, we polled 740 customers to find out what their key motivators were for digitizing analog snapshots. We expected to hear many were looking to preserve family history or salvage crumbling photo albums from ‘father time.’

We figured social media would play into their plans, but boy were we surprised. Nearly 45 percent of our new customers traced their motivation back to the viral hit #ThrowbackThursday!

Even pop-star Katy Perry’s family has trusted ScanMyPhotos, as reported in this Forbes article.

screen shot 2013 05 29 at 11 55 21 am 300x300 - 10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

IMG 4222 - 10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

10 tips to better enjoy Throwback Thursday. History of #TBT

If you are a social media fan, especially if you love Instagram where the #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) phenomenon started back in 2011, then you are already familiar with the raucous laughter that this trend brings to the end of a work week. After spending way too much office time surfing #TBT pictures, we realized that folks might like a little creative suggestion to help them make the most of their Thursday photo fun. We are sharing our top 10 considerations for making the most out of  #ThrowbackThursday.

Nothing Beats 80’s Hair – It was the era of the hair band for a reason, 80’s hairdos were totally tubular! Whether you were moussing a teen-angst Mohawk or straightening a mid-life mullet, share the hair man!

IMG 4223 - 10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

10 tips to better enjoy Throwback Thursday. History of #TBT

Throwback FAILS – Often the most belly-laughing and nostalgic pictures we have are of life’s less-than-stellar moments, and they make the best #tbt fodder out there, so share the wipeouts and dumb ideas that made for lasting memories.

Never throwback to a picture where other people in the photo wouldn’t want the image reproduced without their consent.

Only share #TBT pictures, nothing off-topic. This is all about your past photos.

Revisit those past 35mm slides, film, and snapshots after all are digitized.

It’s not all self-deprecating fun – While the low-lights make us laugh, life’s the highlights can make us cry which makes graduations, birthdays and first steps some of the most sighed over #tbt posts every week.

Hit the kids where it will hurt – Whether sharing #tbt on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media site, your kids (and more importantly, their friends) will be watching; so take this weekly opportunity to embarrass the heck out of them with sailor outfits, cute hugging siblings or, for advanced users, the kids with their own hairpocalypse.

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Why AMAZON PHOTOS is Better than Google Photos

What is the best photo storage, sharing and printing service?

Answer: Amazon Photos®

Why we no longer recommend Google to store your photos.

[Editors note, updated February 5, 2020] Since we retracted our longtime loyalty for storing pictures on the Google Photos platform, more troubling news occurred, now with Google Takeover. We share in-depth issues below. However, another data privacy breach just occurred. As reported by Todd Haselton, CNBC’s gadget guy: “Google Says It Accidentally Sent Some Users’ Private Videos to Strangers.”

Let us begin with the only (sort of) negative with “Amazon Photos.” A more descriptive name should have been “Amazin’ Photos.” It is the best-kept secret in the photo industry. Fantastic free storage, great prints, and loads of easy-to-use features.

As photo industry leaders for 30-years, we know a thing or two about photography. Actually, 600 million — that is his many pictures have been safely digitized at Our advocacy and authority leadership have led to news profiles like these.

The number one question we hear is ”what next after my pictures are digitized? What is the best place to store pictures? The simple answer is the company which is the world’s largest cloud storage provider, and it is their Amazon Photos featured service for photography.


[UPDATE February 3, 2020]

As 30-year tech experts and passionate about photography, we take issue with what Google Assistant may be doing. While the “Loretta” commercial sure was emotional — striking at our heartstrings — the underlying message behind it was anything but warmhearted. Is Google seeking to know everything about everyone?

This is a dangerous step towards future privacy breaches and by using the smart speaker device as a credulous marketing tool.

Way back in 1984 when the iconic Apple Macintosh Super Bowl commercial aired, it foreshadowed what you just announced. Big Brother is watching and listening.

Similar to the famous “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!” quote from the 1976 film “Network,” today we too we are doing something about it. Switch our recommendation from Google for storing your photos to Amazon Photos.

Yes, was among the first and most vocal cheerleaders in support of Google Photos — since its launch in May 2015. But, the data collected are leading to all types of privacy questions:

  • Will the information procured by Google Assistant be sold to advertisers?
  • What happens with people’s most personal messages?
  • What are the risks of a massive data breach?
  • How will you use the content to market to your users?

Consumer tech reporter Dalvin Brown at USA TODAY wrote: “‘Hey Google, show me photos’: Google presents emotional ‘Loretta’ Super Bowl commercial.”

This is why we are switching loyalties to Amazon Photos as a safer place to store the 600 million pictures we have digitized and for the billions of pictures that get uploaded each day to the Google platform.

Using sensitivities to get people to share their personal data on the Google Assistant platform has a cautionary tale. Sure, it appears to be warm, fuzzy and emotional. But, its overshadowing cautionary message is DO NOT UPLOAD PICTURES! Google will know EVERYTHING about its users (the product) to market and collect their most private of data.

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fire1 300x157 - Why AMAZON PHOTOS is Better than Google PhotosImagine if a wildfire, hurricane or other natural disaster wiped out your entire family history of photos?

In today’s all-digital world, every pre-digital picture must be treated just like those on your smartphone. The latter has auto uploading and snapshots must be too, once digitized.

Once your pictures are digitized, all must get backed up to the cloud, alongside every image on your laptop and smartphone.

The Amazon Photo app lets you share, group, and move pictures across the web. It provides added privacy controls. Unlike Facebook and other photo-sharing apps, where your pictures may be at risk and you must ask what are they doing with every picture uploaded?

Find Your Photos with Alexa Voice Command

Amazon’s Alexa is more than a wireless light switch or voice-activated tool for turning on the robotic vacuum. Now it can instantly sort and locate any picture in your album. Easily view your stored pictures on Amazon Echo Show (Echo Show 8 – HD 8″ smart display with Alexa), and Amazon Fire TV Stick (Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa built-in, includes Alexa Voice HD Remote).

Unlimited Photos with Amazon Prime Membership

IMG 2170 200x300 - Why AMAZON PHOTOS is Better than Google PhotosWhile the average household has 5,500 still-analog photos and thousands more of pictures stored on their smartphone, few have one hundred thousand pictures. But, no problem as Prime Membership awards you unlimited photo uploads. It also includes 5GB of Video Storage. If you are not a Prime member, the monthly fee is $11.99 for 100 GB and $59.99 for 1 TB.

Photo Tagging to Find Pictures

Facial recognition is another perk to identify the people, places, and objects (pets too) in on your camera roll library.  Simply tagging features to identify and naming the pictures is included.

Simple Way to Upload Pictures

The best way to save pictures is to set the auto-upload feature. Or select folders to transfer entire catalogs of images to Amazon Photo. You can automatically save photos and videos that you take on your phone to the web. This service is only for personal use and cannot be used by professional photography businesses or commercial services.

Order Photo Snapshots and Photo Gifting Items

smphometo 300x200 - Why AMAZON PHOTOS is Better than Google PhotosAmazon Photos delivers quality reprints at bargain prices and it is super easy to order. Glossy or matte 4×6” prints start at 12-cents, 5×7” enlargements are 58-cents, and 8×10” enlargements are $1.79. But check that your image resolution is large enough.

Amazon Photo does not provide customization, photo retouching, optimization, filters, or effects.

The photo storage app is a secure cloud storage service for photos and videos.
Upload, download, view, edit, and create albums or share photos and videos.
Amazon Photos app is a photo gallery, which displays images or videos from your compatible devices.

IMG 2171 200x300 - Why AMAZON PHOTOS is Better than Google PhotosSupported Platforms & Devices: Web browser, Desktop app, iOS app, Android app.
Principal Features: Photo and video storage, Photo and video gallery, photo editor, Photo and video sharing, Family Vault, Photo sharing groups, Search photos by people, places, and things.
File Types: The Most common photos and video file types are JPEG, PNG, and MP4.

Which is the best photo storage service?

Is it Photo Bucket, Microsoft OneDrive, ImageShack , Google Photos, Pixpa, Flickr, 500px, DropBox, iCloud, Adobe Portfolio, Imgur, or Amazon Photos? Based on our 30-years of experience and observing too many of the latest technology breakthrough innovations wave good-bye, trust matters most.

Your privacy and the knowledge of what you uploaded will always be available. We are recommending Amazon Photos as the best storage service to safeguard your entire history of nostalgic photographs. Amazon Photos wins!

Why Amazon Photos Is the Best Photo Storage Service, And So Much More

Photo printing services include Custom Canvas Wall Décor, Custom Metal Tabletop Photos, Professionally printed photograph reprints, and enlargements, Albums, and photo cards.

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The Dangers From Climate Change Also Affect Your Photographs

How to digitize and restore damaged pictures

IMG 9295 300x300 - The Dangers From Climate Change Also Affect Your Photographs

Click for instant ordering

Climate change and the resulting property damage is real. While insurance may cover most items destroyed, pictures are in trouble. Water damage, smoke, and other conditions will ruin a lifetime of family nostalgia.

Sadly, this keeps happening.

It is painful fielding photo calls asking how to repair water damaged photos and all the other issues after disasters like from hurricanes and wildfires strike.

Digitizing pictures is now as low as one-cent each. Professional restoration services are also available for $45.50 at Details.

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How to Restore Damaged Photographs; What you don’t know can hurt your photos

What you don’t know can hurt your photos

Photography Tip: How to protect your photographs from the ravages of time

IMG 1057 300x225 - What you don't know can hurt your photosA photographic image looks like something that will last forever, but even the most modern prints are not designed to last for more than a few decades.


Black-and-white photographs made up of light-sensitive silver salts known as silver halides, last longer.

But color photographs and slides, which are made up of dyes and plastics, are more fragile. Still, any photograph will eventually succumb to the effects of a hostile environment and a host of natural enemies. Photo restoration services are the pound of cure, which can be avoided by preserving intact photos today.




  • High temperature and relative humidity: The emulsion layer of a photograph, the light-sensitive component that actually captures the image, is made up of organic materials, including gelatin. That makes the emulsion susceptible to mold and fungi, especially when subject to the combination of heat and moisture. Photographs should be stored in a cool, dry place, below about 68° Fahrenheit and under 50% relative humidity.

photorestoration 300x300 - How to Restore Damaged Photographs; What you don’t know can hurt your photos

  • Ultraviolet Light: Go ahead. Tempt the fates. Hang a color photograph on a wall in your house where the sun hits it every day, and you can start watching it fade within just a few years. To prevent fading, keep your photographs out of direct exposure to sunlight. If you absolutely must display that picture in that perfect spot, you buy special filters to protect the photo. Another good idea is to make one copy for long-term storage and a second for display. Take intact photos into a photo professional to be scanned and archived to disk. If you’ve recently had a photo restoration done, make sure to have a digital copy on file.


  • Wood and Paper Products: What could be more natural than a tree. That may be true, but many wood and paper products contain harmful acids, bleaches and other chemicals that can damage the emulsion of your photograph over time. Use only acid-free paper products. When shopping for “archival” products, make sure you are getting what you pay for – there is no accepted “archival” labeling standard.

How to restore damaged pictures


  • Adhesives & Rubber: Remember those easy-to-use sticky-back photo albums. Bad news and we all know it. But most adhesives, including the rubber cement often used in so-called “magnetic” photo albums, contain harmful chemicals such as PVC that will eventually destroy your photographs. Rubber bands can have the same effect. That makes them both a big no-no.


  • Air pollutants: It may come as a surprise, but even the fumes from household cleaning products and fresh paint can damage photos. You probably won’t notice the effects right away, but in time they will become painfully obvious.


  • Metallic Objects: On a more practical level, metallic objects such as keys and paper clips can scratch the surfaces of your prints and negatives. Don’t clip your photos together, and try not to store them in the same box as your screwdrivers.

Memories in a shoebox: Digitizing old photos unlocks a flood of mixed emotions — CNET



Preserving photographs, which are organic and temporary by their very nature, may seem like an uphill battle. But with smart decisions about storing and displaying your photos, it doesn’t have to be. Follow the tips in our next article and you’ll be that much closer to making your photo collection last a lifetime. Photo restoration and photo retouching is our business, but preserving precious family photos is our mission.


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The Primer on Everything That Was at #CES2020

What Was New at CES 2020?

ces5 300x225 - The Primer on Everything That Was at #CES2020Each January, the global tech community makes its annual pilgrimage to CES in Las Vegas.

This year boasts many new breakthrough innovations. Products you didn’t know you needed, but soon won’t be able to live without.

Follow along as we share the best of CES 2020.

From CES: “At CES 2020, companies built their brands, launched products and formed partnerships. Exhibitors large and small showed how CES transcends the traditional tech industry. CES showed that technology is changing our lives for the better.”


Samsung Keynote

Samsung’s CES 2020 keynote presented the company’s vision for revolutionizing the consumer lifestyle, impacting the way people work, play and connect with each other.

Quibi Keynote. Quibi CEO Meg Whitman and Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg will showcase how Quibi is uniquely bringing together Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

C Space Storyteller: Edelman. Do consumers today trust brands to do what is right with their products, their customers and their societal impact? Join a discussion with leading marketers about how brands can earn trust with an increasingly skeptical consumer base.

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How To Restore and Fix Old, Damaged Photos

r1 - How To Restore and Fix Old, Damaged Photos

Among your generations of photo snapshots, do you also have those extra-special family heirlooms that are fading away, torn or need a major makeover? and its photo restoration experts do magic.

image1 300x143 - How To Restore and Fix Old, Damaged PhotosBefore reading this report. An update. professionally digitizes all your photos this fast.


While we have scanned six hundred million images, it is news stories like these that made us so popular, but no order is more precious or important than yours. We are here to help. For loads of photo tips, news updates, and crazy-discounted deals, sign up to receive free updates.

Results of a Damaged Photo Restored at

Awhile back, USA Today’s Jefferson Graham visited with us and had digitally restore a photo that meant the world to his wife. She shared such a powerful story about why this tattered and torn photo needed to come back to life. All restoration stories are equally as emotional ar2 - How To Restore and Fix Old, Damaged Photosnd the reason why the photo imaging business is so enjoyable and important.

For more info on and the Photo Restoration services, click here.

Click here to view more photo restoration samples.


Graham old 1 - How To Restore and Fix Old, Damaged Photos

[Picture restoration for Jefferson Graham]

photorestoration 300x300 - How To Restore and Fix Old, Damaged PhotosLet us restore and enhance your vintage photographs into works of art to be enjoyed and preserved for generations. Old pictures fade and degrade with time. Fix old and damaged photos with our custom professional Kodak-quality photo restoration today.  Since 1990, our customers have trusted us with all their photographic and now digital imaging services. You are about to find out why.


Photo restoration from $45.50, with a 20-day turnaround. Faster turn-around times available and other enhancements are available.  Add applicable sales tax. All major credit cards accepted. Due to the custom nature of this work, no refunds, online gift certificates, or promo codes are valid for any restoration work.

See a few samples of before and after.
Results of a Damaged Photo Restored at
Find out how easy it is to have your photos restored.


Ready to order and upload your images, click here. This is also ideal for restoring those special pictures that were recently scanned by
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