Next Avenue Shares Organizing Your Digital Life Tips


Next AvenueIMG 2070 198x300 - Next Avenue Shares Organizing Your Digital Life Tips, part of the PBS family, is read by 40 million and geared towards America’s booming older population.

We are humbled to have been included in their newest technology article: “8 Digital Resolutions for the New Year. As we spend more time on our devices, it’s only natural for clutter to creep up.”

Excerpt: “Set up a photosystem. That stash of pictures on your phone could be regularly moved to a file system on a hard drive. You might save pictures on your desktop in folders with labels to note the year, month or event that coincides with the images. Online services like Shutterfly and Snapfish allow you to select which ones you’d like to print in photo books or use in wall hangings, mugs or other memorabilia.

Other photo storage options like Google Photos or iCloud Photos can help you gather, store and organize pictures from all your devices. And if you need or want to turn old prints into digital versions to add to the collection, services such as ScanMyPhotos will digitize your records for you.


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A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Digitize Pictures and Make Photo Books!

What could be a better Valentine’s Day present than photos of your loved ones! How about a photo book for your childhood friends, with memories of your great times together? Or a collection of family photos for your teen who is heading off to college? We bet your great aunt would love pics of her family, too.

scanmyphotos loves grandparents 300x169 - A Unique Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Digitize Pictures and Make Photo Books!





vd2 300x197 - A Unique Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Digitize Pictures and Make Photo Books!

Use promo code “50OffScan”

  • Shutterfly can help you create a beautiful 20-page book, with an all-white background, clean collage layouts and bold headlines that will your book the look of a high-end magazine.

  • Snapfish offers a wide range of sizes for your photo book, from 8×8 square to 6×8 landscape. Their books can be up to 150 pages!

  • Mixbook has an impressive range of designs, layouts, and bindings available for your photo book. Whether you’re going for a small, quirky-looking softcover or a classically themed coffee table book, they have an option that will work for you.

Whatever service you choose, you’ll make a beautiful and memorable Valentine’s Day gift! It’s also an ideal time to surprise your loved one with newly digitized pictures from your life together. Details:

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ScanMyPhotos corpoate headquarters in Irvine 300x138 - Flash Sale: SAVE 50%* TO SCAN YOUR PHOTOS[UPDATE] Fortune AND Forbes Magazine are both raving on ScanMyPhotos. For loads of other news and review profiles, click here. Next Avenue wrote this article, and another ScanMyPhotos mention “8 Digital Resolutions for the New Year.”

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  • Have your pictures scanned in order otherwise it is archived in random order. Scan in Order
  • Express Same-Day Scanning;
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How to Remedy the Facebook Political Ad Controversy

Demand “opt-in” approval by users to authorize and access Facebook political ads.

While Facebook will not use its social media platform to protect democracy from misleading political ads, there is something every user can do. Article by BARBARA ORTUTAY AND MAE ANDERSON at AP: Facebook again refuses to ban political ads, even false ones

The business of scanning pictures was indirectly created by Facebook. At, about 82% of the 600 million pictures we have digitized find a home on the Facebook platform.

People upload their nostalgic decades-past pictures to share. However, we are using our voice and at great risk to speak out. We have long been among Facebook’s lead protagonist. Mostly about what they may be doing with the billions of uploaded pictures each day. Now we are again getting in their face to untangle their failed political ad policy.

fb23 215x300 - How to Remedy the Facebook Political Ad Controversy

The straightforward antidote is to require that every user at Facebook, Instagram, and all social media sites require users to authorize and “opt-in” to view any political advertisements.

Too often, companies just stay in their lane and do not create advocacy campaigns or challenge the behemoth Facebook.

These are not ordinary times. ScanMyPhotos has a 30-year history of making news, engaging in, and creating important social advocacy efforts.

How Businesses Use Economic Activism and Social Media For Advocacy Projects

fb21 300x300 - How to Remedy the Facebook Political Ad Controversy

fb22 135x300 - How to Remedy the Facebook Political Ad Controversy

NYT: “Facebook Says It Won’t Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads. The company was under intense pressure to adjust its policies. But in this presidential election year, no big changes are planned.”

Facebook Didn’t Fix It’s Data Breaches, So We Are

Why Not Upload Pictures To Facebook

Disclaimer and guidelines provided by Facebook for their regulations on political ads:

About ads about social issues, elections or politics

We’re constantly working to increase ad transparency and election integrity on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, we’ve established measures to promote authenticity and legitimacy for anyone wishing to run ads about social issues, elections or politics.

Ads about social issues, elections or politics are:

  • Made by, on behalf of, or about a current or former candidate for public office, a political figure, a political party or advocates for the outcome of an election to public office; or
  • About any election, referendum, or ballot initiative, including “go out and vote” or election campaigns; or
  • About social issues in any place where the ad is being placed; or
  • Regulated as political advertising.

Advertisers interested in placing these ads should complete the ad authorization process. The process is available for advertisers that reside in the targeted country. Documents for authorization must be issued by an advertiser’s local country or state and can’t be expired. In selected countries, a notarized form is also accepted.

These ads must have a disclaimer with the name and entity that paid for the ads. If an ad runs without a disclaimer, it’ll be paused, disapproved and added to the Ad Library, until the advertiser completes the authorization process. Requirements vary by country.

Ads targeting the US that portray voting or census participation as useless or meaningless and/or advise users not to vote or participate in a census aren’t allowed.

Ads can be placed in most formats except dynamic ads and boosted continuous live video. Currently, these ads can’t run on WhatsApp, Messenger and Audience Network.

All ads will be added to the Ad Library, even if the advertiser who created them hasn’t completed the ad authorization process.

Our measures are frequently reviewed and implemented. We suggest that you routinely check here for latest information.


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Best of #CES2020 Awards Presented by

With Thousands of Tech Innovations, Which Made This Year’s ScanMyPhotos “Best of CES” list?

mitchCES 300x263 - Best of #CES2020 Awards Presented by ScanMyPhotos.comEach year we explore the cavernous CES exhibits at the LVCC and throughout Las Vegas for the very best.

The most innovative devices and gadgets that you did not even know about, but soon cannot live without.


Brain technology

Is the future. Imagine controlling a video game with your mind. A robot. The AI-powered prosthetic hand works with an amputee’s brain waves and muscle signals to sense and execute the movement they want to make. From their website: “Advanced students will enjoy more difficult tasks, such as programming a flex-sensor glove to read the real-time position of their fingers, allowing them to control the movement of the hand. Additionally, students can use their brainwaves to control the hand with our brainwave detecting, Focus1 headband. Your students will learn state standard aligned curriculum and explore real-world applications of STEM principles.”


This smart frame by Lenovo is a new 21.5-inch display that’s designed to mount on your wall and display your photos. The Lenovo Smart Frame will begin shipping in August 2020 with a price tag of $399, and it’ll be available in a range of frame materials and colors.

 VIZIO, Inc.

They are neighbors and also headquartered in Irvine, CA launched at CES the most advanced sound bar lineup to date. Building on the company’s leading performance, ease-of-use, and value, VIZIO’s 2020 models include the all-new VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar, along with new M-Series™ and V-Series™ sound bar lines pairing higher audio performance at every price point with a simple user interface and a minimalist yet soft and stylish industrial aesthetic.

Insta360 ONE R

Is the ultimate adaptive action cam. Three ways to shoot, just one camera. 360 degrees + 4K wide-angle + 5.3K 1-inch sensor + more.All pixels are not created equal. The Dual-Lens 360 Mod raises the bar with Super 5.7K resolution, leveraging H.265 encoding, advanced image processing, and an AI-powered finishing algorithm to preserve detail and make your footage pop.


Is your dog’s personal doorman. The first smart door opener for the home, it turns patio, porch and garden sliding doors into smart dog doors — without any sawing or drilling. It provides a new level of freedom for people and their pets. It lets people safely and securely open and close their sliding door from anywhere, allowing access by dogs or trusted people. It can be controlled via a free mobile app for iPhone or Android which alerts users when its motion detectors sense activity. It also can be operated via integrations with other smart devices, such as internet cameras, sensors or digital assistants.


Handheld medical diagnostic device. It contains a powerful camera system, pulse oximeter, IR thermometer, stethoscope, and ECG all in a single 4-ounce enclosure. In addition to the real-time remote exams, it can be used by home health care, EMS, hospice and palliative care workers, as well as assisted living home monitoring environments. The MedWand™ fulfills the potential of telemedicine. Created by physicians and medical device engineers, MedWand houses multiple diagnostic tools in a single, easy-to-use handheld device. With a MedWand on the patient’s side, clinicians can conduct remote office visits, and through the real-time collection of multiple vital sign readings and key patient assessments, detect and follow numerous medical conditions from across town, or around the world.

Olive Smart Ear: An affordable wearable that removes the stigma from impaired hearing. It is a single-ear hearing amplifier that improves the sound of everyday life and is customized to your own hearing. When paired to a smartphone with Bluetooth, each earbud can also amplify phone calls. Using patented hearing amplification technology for a clear and balanced sound, pre-set modes instantly adjust to various listening environments.

Follow along as we post more amazing tech innovations from CES 2020.

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[NEW] Photo Scanning Referral Program: Win an Apple AirPods Pro®

How to score a free Apple AirPods Pro® from

Share Your Experience And Refer ScanMyPhotos For a Chance to Win an Apple Airpods Pro.

Your referrals matter most. For the past 30 years, we have used low prices rather than advertising to get noticed. Having digitizing 600 million pictures came from media profiles and your wonderful support.

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Good luck and we are grateful for your support as an evangelist to help many digitally preserve their family photos.


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BOGO Free; Save $599.95 on pro 8mm movie film scanning

SAVE $599.95 Today. Remember all your nostalgic family memories captured on movie film?

10d6abe8 11b4 400a ab40 366e9f7db11b - BOGO Free; Save $599.95 on pro 8mm movie film scanningWe cooked up a $599.95 savings for you. Watch your own movies. BOGO (buy one get one) box to digitally convert your 8mm home movies to digital files with the new fill-the-box service. Each box holds up to 55 3″ 8mm movie film reels or 10 7″ 8mm movie film reels, or mix to fill-the-box for $599.95.

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In time for your next home organizing project

Rediscover Your Family Movies — Save Money and Memories

Get up to 55 8mm movie film 3″ reels digitized

Select two boxes, the second one is free, to get up to 110 reels digitized.

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NEW fill-in-the box transfer of 8mm home movie film reels from ScanMyPhotos. Our customized professional movie film scanners have no sprockets or pinch rollers. This minimizes any risk of damage to your priceless movies. Your film is only gently touched on the edges with no image area contact. We do not use pressure plates, which often capture floating hair and other particles on the screen. Not using pressure plates also results in a cleaner digitized product.

CLICK TO ORDER: Prepaid 8mm Home Movie Film Reels Box to Convert to MP4 Files on DVD’s or Flash Drive (added fee)

Regularly $599.95 per box. Limit 2 boxes.


Each ScanMyPhotos fill-the-box holds up to 55 3” 8mm film reels or 10 7” 8mm film reels. Or mix to fill the box

Save your old 8mm home movies before it fades away from the ravages of time by converting your 8mm and Super8 film reels to MP4 files for the next generation to enjoy

About: Each prepaid box for digital transferring holds 8mm reel sizes between 3” up to 7” reels. You can fit approximately 55 3” reels or 10 7” reels in the new 8mm Transfer Box. Or you can mix and match reel sizes as well! The amount of feet totals to approximately 3000 feet when full.

NOT VALID for 16mm film or any other services. No credit for fewer items included in the box or film that is damaged or unable to be converted. It cannot be applied to prior orders. Today only. Some restrictions apply plus applicable sales tax. Must use promo code at the time of ordering to get the second box free. ALL WORK PROFESSIONALLY DONE IN IRVINE, CA.

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From ScanMyPhotos: FREE Photo Scanning DEAL*


freescan 296x300 - Flash Sale: FREE Photo Scanning From ScanMyPhotos.comWe are passionate. Over the past 30 years, we preserved 600 million photos, yet there are trillions of pre-digital photos fading away.

USA Today had profiled us in this past article: “New Year’s Project: Scan Your Old Photos Now, along with all these other news profiles.

Technology and innovations changed how to affordably scan photos. But, we never offered free photo scanning until now. Don’t Miss This! Today only. Your next batch of photos is scanned free*… On us.

*Terms: You select your resolution. Free photo scanning applies just towards standard 72 dpi resolution, cannot be applied towards prior orders. Limit 1,000 photographs. 4-8 weeks turnaround for 72 dpi free scanning. Pay $19.95 upfront which is credited towards the minimum $19.95 return S/H fee. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice, obligation or recourse, so hurry. Choose from many popular add-on recommended feature services. Domestic U.S. orders only. MAIL ORDER ONLY, NO WALK-IN FOR FREE 72 dpi Photo Scanning.


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