Why Chatbooks is the Best Photo Album App EVER!

Why ScanMyPhotos is Raving on the Chatbooks

Chatbooks App

When you read about how Vanessa and Nate Quigley built Chatbooks into an important and standout leader in the photo album industry, you will be inspired and understand why we too are raving fans. Over the years, we have learned when researching which photo products to r3commend, we start at the end. The help page. After browsing their customer support pages, it was clear we have the next new-new winner!

From opera singer to building an affordable photo book company sounds like an unconventional path. But after reading this Forbes profile on Chatbooks by Forbes’ contributor Elana Lyn Gross you will quickly learn how the photo album app was founded and why it is so modern and relevant. Unlike all the others, they go where the consumers are. The app smoothly creates many custom photo gifting products, has a subscription service and directly uses your pictures from the ones you post to social media or stored on your smartphone.

With the press of a button, your pictures hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, and Google Photos get transported into the physical world. Even your library of photographs stored on your smartphones’ camera roll is used.

The mobile app Chatbooks creates photo books using your digital photos. You can customize a book, subscribe to an Instagram series, or make a book filtered by a specific hashtag. It’s really the easiest way to create a photo book! What we especially like is how affordable it is and how it opens up another reason to digitized your decades-past photos. There are loads of products including the widely popular photo albums where you choose from about 40 designer covers, created by artists from all over the world.

This commercial for the Chatbooks app is everything and scoring loads of views and is constantly trending.

From the Chatbookbook website:

  • Hassle-free photo books for every reason you can imagine
    Choose up to 366 photos to make a photo book.
    Create a wedding album, baby book, vacation memento – the personalization possibilities are endless!

Super affordable prices and a smart subscription service helps make Chatbooks a favorite at ScanMyPhotos and you easily design it in minutes

Ready to make your first Chatbook? CLICK HERE

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On Computers Review: One Cent Photo Scanning

IMG 9540 300x142 - On Computers Review: One Cent Photo ScanningThe “On Computers” newspaper column appears each week in the” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette” and the Worcester, Massachusetts “Telegram.” Columnists Joy and Bob Schwabach write the weekly syndicated “On Computers” column. This week, they profile the new one-cent photo scanning from ScanMyPhotos.com.

Excerpt: Scan your photos

One of these days, we’re going to free up space in our apartment by having all our photos scanned.



Several years ago, we sent a box of photos to ScanMyPhotos. They not only scanned them, but they also improved them. Which was good, because some were pretty faded. The problem is, we didn’t save any storage space because we kept the originals they sent back to us. Parting with those is the tough part.


However, it’s much better to have the digital version. The print versions sat in boxes, unlooked at for years. As soon as we had them digitized, Joy began making her relatives’ day by emailing them every so often. Her nephew’s new bride was especially happy to see what her husband looked like, back in the day. The cost seemed trivial.

Since sending out that box, ScanMyPhotos has a new offer: one cent per photo scanned. One customer sent in 9,100 photos. It cost him only $131.60. The catch: The photos are “social media quality,” 150 dots per inch. That’s fine by us. Good enough for email. TO ORDER.

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Best Way To Market and Promote Your Business

The #1 Top Marketing Technique to Grow Your Company

IMG 7233 300x106 - Best Way To Market and Promote Your BusinessThis is the age-old question for every business. Way back when we began in 1990, it was all about buying the biggest ad in the local Yellow Pages. Years later it was crafting an elevator pitch, collaborating, networking, creating buzz and of course asking for referrals.

Then came newspaper and radio advertising. Followed by buying top postings on Google, investing in Google Adwords and with Facebook paid placement.

All that has been eclipsed by a single strategy that is the cornerstone of our company. Stop. Pause. Evaluate and identify your story to package it in a very brief narrative. What is your sizzle, the secret sauce that sparks a reaction and gets emotional? It is all about having a unique selling proposition to make you stand out. Your story?

Our story is just four words in length: ONE CENT PHOTO SCANNING.

At ScanMyPhotos.com we explore this question every day.  The answer and fuel to promote your business is all about reaching the media with something so brief and compelling that they instantly start typing and then publish.

After years of toil and testing, ScanMyPhotos.com worked to innovate with a new way to digitize pictures that sparks immediate attention. This is how One Cent Photo Scanning was pioneered.

But whatever you decide is your unique selling proposition, make sure that it is not just ten times, but a hundred times better than anything else. And keep it as simple as this for having pictures digitized for a penny each. Make sure whatever you are promoting is a click away from placing the order and checking out.

If this was a cooking show, as the host reaches into the oven to pull out the finished entree, this is what they would show. The ScanMyPhotos story as revealed by the media.

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TWiP: The Importance of Scanning Your Memories

ScanMyPhotos The Interview: Discussing the New One Cent Photo Scanning and More

This comprehensive interview profiles the latest innovations from the world of photo scanning. Hosted by Frederick Van Johnson for This Week in Photo.

Mitch Goldstone of ScanMyPhotos.com joins TWiP to discuss the ins-and-outs of scanning in today’s high-tech world. Is scanning still relevant? What is the state-of-the-art? And what are some pitfalls that you should be aware of when choosing a company to entrust your precious family archives to.

After a recent Oprah Magazine recommendation, the company scored loads of feedback from their readers. That led to one cent a photo scanning. Scanned 4000 photos for $40.

How “One-Cent Photo Scanning” Happened
Featured in Oprah Magazine
ScanMyPhotos.com in the news

Frederick Van Johnson is the host of the This Week in Photo, also known as TWiP — it’s the flagship show on The TWiP Network and TWiP Talks. Each week Frederick sits down (virtually) with a few photographers, or photography industry professionals to discuss what’s been happening over the past week in the world of photography. TWiP is a free show that you can watch on YouTube, or listen by subscribing on iTunes.

Join TWIP PRO today5 - TWiP: The Importance of Scanning Your Memories

TWiP PRO: designed for focused conversation and interaction about all things photography. We will continue to interact with you via our social media channels, but the TWiP PRO community is for: – Guest Suggestions – Member Photos – Photo Critiques – General Show Chat – Listener Tips – Exclusive Partner Discounts

onecentpicture 300x146 - TWiP: The Importance of Scanning Your Memories

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Smartest Innovation in Celebrating Family and Photography is Confetti

Why we are raving on Confetti — the most innovative way to share stories and create unique photo albums.

Here’s the thing. Beyond scanning pictures, one of the top questions we receive is “what next? How to share and use the newly digitized pictures?  One of our smartest answers is a company we are raving on.

Confetti, is a milestone company that is the catalyst for storytelling and connecting multigenerational families together to share pictures and create very unique photo books. It is a natural next step after pictures are scanned. This digital tool helps compile photos, text and other content to celebrate moments in people’s lives.

It begins here as you upload photos, messages, and memories to create affordable photo books and digital slideshows. Photo books begin at $15. You can invite as many people as you want and there is no limit on contributors.


  • Create — Set up your project for the person you’re celebrating by giving it a title and cover photo.
  • Invite — Invite their friends and family to contribute photos and messages into the Confetti platform.
  • Give — Confetti automatically creates a beautiful photo book and a digital slideshow of their memories to share.
  • Collaboration — Quickly and easily gather content from a whole community of people in one place.
  • Shareability — With the digital slideshow, you can easily share the final product with all your collaborators.
  • Simplicity — As soon as you accept content, it’s added into your bookmaker.

[Content credit: Confetti https://www.giveconfetti.com/confetti]

Click to order and create your Confetti today

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