Fortune Magazine Recommends ScanMyPhotos

In Fortune Magazines’ lifestyle and holiday gift guide, among the five products mentioned was digitizing pictures by ScanMyPhotos. Reported by Chris Morris.

5 of the Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Holiday Procrastinators.


fortune 300x247 - Fortune Magazine Recommends ScanMyPhotosIn a digital age, it’s easy to overlook the stacks of old print photos lying around, but those memories are just as important as the ones on our phone—and often, even more so. They’re also, in some ways, more fragile, since there’s no backup for them. Digitizing several albums is intimidating because of the time commitment (assuming you even have a scanner).. ScanMyPhotos is an online service that does the job for you—and does so with a remarkable turnaround time. The company sends a prepaid postage box, which is all you have to hand over as the gift. Customers can load as many pictures as they want. Approximately a week or so later, you’ll get the photos returned, as well as scanned versions on a CD or USB. Need negatives or slides or even old 8mm or VHS tapes digitized instead? That’s also in the company’s wheelhouse. Suggested Retail Price: $170

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