Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Less Stuff this Holiday Season

SMP LessStuff 300x200 - Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Less Stuff this Holiday SeasonThe holiday season is typically a blur of excess—from the food to the presents and everything in between. But lately, it seems like there has been a fundamental shift when it comes to our lifestyles. People are seeking ways to simplify their lives and, in general, accumulate less stuff. Just watch any Tiny House Hunters episode and you’ll see simplicity is a trend on the rise.


So, this holiday season, why not give your loves ones the gift of less stuff? You can take our holiday #GiftOfLessStuff theme and run with it for every person on your shopping list. Here are a few gift ideas to consider:


ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificate


Let’s face it, those boxes and boxes of old photos in the attic have got to go. If you notice a loved one is hanging on to rows and rows of picture albums or needs a storage space for the old family photos, then it’s time to give them a ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificate this holiday season. With this gift, they can scan and digitize those print photos and preserve them for future generations to enjoy.


An e-book—or two


If your loved one has a Kindle or some other type of e-reader, why not give them a few books to read that they won’t have to haul around with them? You can easily give a Kindle book as a gift on Amazon. A good book to consider giving is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizingit’ll go perfectly with the overall simplicity theme.

A subscription to Audible


Speaking of cool book gifts, a subscription to Audible, the massive online audiobook library, is another excellent gift to give to the bibliophile in your life.


Give an experience


Millennials, in particular, love experiences. For a romantic partner, consider giving them a full spa day and a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. For a friend, give tickets to a walking food tour or wine and painting party. If you’re stumped, check out Groupon for inspiration and good deals.


Book a class


Buy a surf-boarding lesson or healthy cooking class for your friends or loved ones. Think about their interests and hobbies and see if you can sign them up for a course they’d be sure to enjoy.


Do you plan on giving the #GiftofLessStuff this holiday season? If so, share your ideas with us on Twitter!

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