5 Photo Challenges You’ll Want to Participate in on Social Media

SMP Photo Challenge 300x184 - 5 Photo Challenges You’ll Want to Participate in on Social MediaSocial media has changed the way in which we share and take pictures. Facebook personally ushered in the rise of the selfie while Instagram made food photography an everyday occurrence. These days, we’re so used to seeing our friends and loved ones share pictures and posts that it’s fun to step outside our comfort zones and participate in some photo challenges.


The following list includes five fun photo challenges you’ll want to try out. Some have been around forever and a few are currently trending. Check it out.


1. Seven days of black and white photos


This one has been around, at least, since 2015. The earlier iterations were of a five-day challenge, but seven days makes a bit more sense. This challenge is a great way to show your connections a little glimpse into your daily life and the moments that are important enough to take a picture of.


Here’s how the post usually looks:


Day 1/7.

Seven days, seven black-and-white photos of your daily life.

No humans. No explanations.

Nominated by [Insert name of person who nominated you—or leave this out and nominate yourself!]

I’ll nominate [Nominate six people who you think should take the challenge next]

2. Throwback Thursday – aka #TBT

The throwback Thursday challenge is definitely our favorite. Most of our ScanMyPhotos customers use their scanned and digitized print photos to share with their friends and loved ones on social. It’s a great way to share amazing memories and connect with friend and family who might live far away.

3. 365 Project

One photo per day for an entire year. Yes, this challenge is a commitment, but the end results are pretty incredible. The days tend to blur together over the course of a year so this challenge does a great job at helping you remember each and every day.

4. Stranger selfie

The #StrangerSelfie is pretty self-explanatory. Grab a willing stranger and ask them to take a selfie with you to post to social media. Not only is this a fun challenge, but it’s also a great way to potentially meet new people.

5. #PuberMe


Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll launched the #PuberMe Twitter photo challenge on The Late Show last week. This photo challenge asks celebrities to post those loveable yet awkward photos of themselves around the age of 13. Colbert promised to donate to Puerto Rico relief and Kroll offered to match the donations for every celebrity that posts a #PuberMe photo. But that’s not stopping a bunch of non-famous people from jumping on board, too! If you can, try scrolling through the hashtag and you’ll see lots of photos from celebrities and non-celebrities—all of which are raising awareness for Puerto Rico.

And our personal photo challenge to you is that you take this opportunity to scan and digitize your print photos. Not only can you use these images for upcoming social media challenges, but it will also ensure that your memories are preserved for future generations.

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