Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Less Stuff this Holiday Season

less stuffThe holiday season is typically a blur of excess—from the food to the presents and everything in between. But lately, it seems like there has been a fundamental shift when it comes to our lifestyles. People are seeking ways to simplify their lives and, in general, accumulate less stuff. Just watch any Tiny House Hunters episode and you’ll see simplicity is a trend on the rise.


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How to Supersize Life While Downsizing Your Stuff

supersize life

Debbie clam digging in Alaska (her current home state) in 2005.

It’s a common pipedream for many aspiring writers: to give up all material possessions and hit the road in search of adventure and quiet, inspirational places to write. For ScanMyPhoto’s customer Debbie LaFleiche this dream is about to become a reality.


“A few years ago, I wrote a book and after I self-published it, I thought ‘This is what I want to do.’ But I was always stuck on the logistics—how can I maintain my current lifestyle and support myself by writing? So, on my 50th birthday, I started a website and blog,, and it’s all about how I am going to completely and utterly change my life.”


Debbie’s plan is to supersize life by selling her home, drastically downsizing material possessions, buying an RV, and hitting the road. This new life will enable her to see the country, cut back on living expenses, and find lots of time and beautiful places to write.


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