6 Must-See Photo Recreates that are Almost Better than the Originals

photo recreatesHumans have always been inspired by the idea to capture a moment in time—fortunately, through the magic of photography, photos have given us a way to achieve it.


While we can always look back on our pictures and reminiscence, there is also something magical about recreating a photo. It allows us to see how far we’ve come or make a deeper connection to that original moment.


Check out these inspiring, funny, cute, and touching photo recreates to see how these people were able to recapture the magic of a single moment in time.


The Four Marines via @abc


It was a photo that was half a century in the making. Four U.S. Marines gather in front of a yellow longboard to recreate a photo they had taken together back in 1966. The marines were stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time, right on the brink of the Vietnam War. Once they were shipped overseas to join combat, they were separated and lost touch. Fast forward to today and the group happened to reunite through the power of the Internet, and the have one awesome photo to show for it.


 The 70th wedding anniversary via @abc


What do you get your significant other after 70 years of marriage? Well, for this happy couple, they decided to recreate the photo of their wedding taken in Chongqing’s Northern Hot Springs on November 24, 1945. Soon after the first photo was taken, the newlyweds had to endure the chaos of World War II, which separated them for a time. They managed to keep the flame alive through love letters—and you can still see the passion and happiness between these two in the wedding photo they flawlessly recreated this past December.


William and Kate via @HPLifestyle


In 1992, Princess Diana posed alone in front of the Taj Mahal. The somber and isolated tone of the photo struck a chord into the hearts of everyone who viewed it. There was something so haunting about her solitary pose in front of a palace that was built as a monument to the love. Diana’s picture was captured just months before she and Prince Charles would formally announce their separation. Twenty four years later, Prince William and the duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton pose for the same photo as homage to his mother. This recreate is truly worth at least a thousand words.


 The widower and his daughter via @BuzzFeed


Get the tissue box ready—this story about a widower and his daughter will certainly tug at your heartstrings. Two years after losing his wife to lung cancer, Ben Nunery decided to recreate their wedding photos with the help of the couple’s daughter Olivia. The precious bride stand-in is captured dancing with her dad and even curling her hair the same way her mother did on her wedding day. The love captured in both the originals and the recreated photos is the ultimate embodiment of bittersweet.


Generations of graduates


For many, a photo recreation is a simple process, where the subject try to wear similar clothes to what was worn in the original and take the picture in or around the same place. For this family, however, the photo they were trying to recreate would require the granddaughter of the woman in the original to graduate from the University of Melbourne.


The jokesters via @BuzzFeed


Silly expressions, crazy hairstyles and insane poses often earmark the hilarious photo recreates we see passed around the internet from time to time. We couldn’t pick just one that was our favorite, but this BuzzFeed article does a great job of pulling some of the very best together. If you need a laugh or a pick-me-up these photos are sure to fit the bill.


No matter what kind of photo you’re trying to recreate make sure you have the original analog photo preserved!



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