Digitizing Photos 50% Off For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always emotional, as families gather. But, the challenge is how best to celebrate Mom’s? Due to the popularity of photo-sharing apps, the top tech gift that really lasts a lifetime and more is to surprise Mom by digitizing the decades-past nostalgic photo snapshots, and save 50% at ScanMyPhotos.com.


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No matter how carefully you handle and store your photos, time and age will eventually cause them to fade and deteriorate. By scanning them into a digital format, you will preserve and protect one of your most irreplaceable possessions.
Every photo you send to ScanMyPhotos is handled by professionals at our facility in Irvine, California. Photos are scanned into 300 or 600 dpi JPEG files and saved on top-quality 80-year archival DVDs. Once scanning is complete, your order is promptly shipped back to you.
Save 50% toward online photo scanning services. Promo Code: 50OFFSCAN – Learn More

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6 Must-See Photo Recreates that are Almost Better than the Originals

photo recreatesHumans have always been inspired by the idea to capture a moment in time—fortunately, through the magic of photography, photos have given us a way to achieve it.


While we can always look back on our pictures and reminiscence, there is also something magical about recreating a photo. It allows us to see how far we’ve come or make a deeper connection to that original moment.


Check out these inspiring, funny, cute, and touching photo recreates to see how these people were able to recapture the magic of a single moment in time.


The Four Marines via @abc


It was a photo that was half a century in the making. Four U.S. Marines gather in front of a yellow longboard to recreate a photo they had taken together back in 1966. The marines were stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time, right on the brink of the Vietnam War. Once they were shipped overseas to join combat, they were separated and lost touch. Fast forward to today and the group happened to reunite through the power of the Internet, and the have one awesome photo to show for it.


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Hawaiian ScanMyPhotos Customer Ships Precious Photos Across the Pacific

customer story

Jeri with her father in 1974 during Jeri’s first visit to the Philippines where her family is from.

Some people were born to take photos. As soon as they feel the magic of capturing a single special moment, they’re hooked forever. This is how it was for ScanMyPhotos customer Jeri Yamamoto the first time she picked up a camera.


“I’m one of those people—I’d always be the one to take all the photos, develop them right away and organize them in photo albums. I’m 44 now and have amassed over a 12 thick photo albums—we have so many that we needed to put them in the storage unit while we remodeled our home.


With so many photos, and no place to put them, Jeri decided it was time to take action.


“I’ve always wanted to scan all my photos to keep them safe, and I had heard before of scanning services, but I’m all the way in Hawaii and didn’t want to ship them to just anyone on the mainland.”


With her new project in mind, Jeri set to work researching the best way to scan all of her photos. The moment she started, ScanMyPhotos was the first company to show up in her Google search results, but she continued to search. While she scoured the web gathering information, Jeri continued to circle back to ScanMyPhotos.


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7 Tips for Taking Better Videos with Your Smartphone

videos with your smartphoneLights! Smartphone! Action! These days it’s all too easy to take videos whenever and wherever you are – no special equipment or cinematography skills needed. Just grab your smartphone, point, and shoot. But when it comes to smartphone videos, “easy” doesn’t always translate to “good.” Here are some tips for improving your own smartphone videos:


1. Turn that phone sideways


Computer screens and televisions are landscape-oriented (they are wider than they are tall). So why would you shoot your videos tall and skinny? Before you hit record, be sure to rotate your smartphone 90 degrees to get the best shot possible.


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How to Become An Instagram Star

Instagram StarDo you dream of becoming an Instagram star? Well, good news, you can gain a healthy group of followers within just a few weeks!


Here’s our step-by-step breakdown on how to build a following on the popular social media platform:


Start a profile


The first step to becoming an Instagram star is creating a profile name—and it doesn’t hurt to use real stars as an act to follow. Most big-name celebrities are lucky enough to snag a handle that’s their first and last name—or single moniker, if you happen to be @Beyonce.


If your name is already taken (which is a likely scenario) consider creating a nickname. Stars like Sean Diddy Combs went with @iamdiddy, while Ashley Benzo uses @itsashbenzo. On the famous photographer front, National Geographic photographer Ira Block goes by @irablockphoto and celebrity photographer Michael Muller uses @michaelmuller7.


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Las Vegas Review Journal on ScanMyPhotos.com

Where are your decades-past pictures, photo snapshotos and 35mm slides from your Las Vegas adventures?  Here’s a fun and informative story from Doug Elfman at the Las Vegas Review Journal that showcases why so many people are digitizing past travel adventure memories.





Even before digital cameras, Las Vegas was most popular for photos



In ye olden days, before we took photos on our phones for cloud storage, humans took photos like apes: We pointed an analog camera at something, captured an image on something archeologists call “film,” and then we paid “photo booth people” to develop “negatives” into photos.


For 26 years, people have been sending such analog photos to a company called ScanMyPhotos.com, which scans customers’ old analog photos into computers and turns them into digital pictures.


Recently, Katy Perry’s dad got old photos of her digitized, which she then put on social media.


Now, ScanMyPhotos is using software recognition to analyze more than 14 million of those old analog photos that have been digitized. Results:


Some 70 percent of old analog photos submitted to ScanMyPhotos are travel pictures.


And Las Vegas is the most prominent city in those photos, beating all Disney resorts, Paris, New York and national parks.


Another media outlet claimed Disney beat Vegas, but ScanMyPhotos CEO Mitch Goldstone tells us Disney only beats Vegas is you combine all Disney resorts around the world, from Paris to Japan, so Vegas > Disney.

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The Most Popular Photo Ops in America (via CN Traveler)

Thanks to Conde Nast Traveler for profiling the recent ScanMyPhotos.com survey of the top travel destinations according to your photo album.




ScanMyPhotos.com has the top five places spotted in nearly 15 million scanned family vacation snapshots.

14,450,240: that’s how many prints the site ScanMyPhotos.com digitized in the fourth quarter of 2015. While printed photos hold their own allure, many individuals are turning to services like ScanMyPhotos.com to ensure their memories last forever. But this year, the service noticed an interesting trend: nearly seven out of ten of those photos were travel related, says CEO Mitch Goldstone. Those over nine million travel scans made up for more photos than family snapshots, holiday photos and special occasion images. The company itself has been around for over two decades and scanned more than 300 million pictures for photo enthusiasts around the world, sending users a flat rate box to fill with photos to be digitized and returned for $145.



This year, taking in all of the photos the company had scanned in at the end of 2015, ScanMyPhotos.com uncovered the most photogenic and photographed spots around the nation. The most popular destination? Disney resorts, which showed up in 28.4 percent of travel snapshots. The iconic Magic Castle featured in most photos, followed by the big man mouse himself, Mickey. Runner-ups for most popular locale included Las Vegas, which featured in 27.9 percent of photos (a whopping 1.05 million images) and New York City (12.2 percent). Rounding out the top five picks throughout the ages were particularly patriotic destinations. Coming in fourth were national parks, from Yellowstone to the Statue of Liberty, and Washington, D.C. followed closely behind.


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How to Save on Scanning Photos

Welcome to ScanMyPhotos.com, the photo digitization experts. Since 1990 we have safely digitized one-quarter billion photos and are now offering a super 78% discount for you to revisit, share and preserve your nostalgic photo snapshot memories.


specials vip pack - How to Save on Scanning Photos

How to save and get a discount for scanning photos; pay just $49.95 to digitize up to 1,000 4×6″ photos for $49.95 from ScanMyPhotos.com with free return S/H



The Deal:
$49.95 to digitize up to 1,000 standard 4×6” photo snapshots to 300-dpi JPEG images on a standard DVD within 5–10 days. This order also includes free USPS return shipping and handling for the original photos and data DVDs (a $19.95 value). Instantly also save 10% on all add-on featured services when you order at the time of purchase.









How to Redeem Your 1,000 4″x”6 Scan Voucher
Purchase this deal online and print your invoice to include with your order. Your completed order form must be included in the box along with your photos and order form. Your original photos will be returned along with your DVD data disc. Additional Add-on products are available, including USB flash drives. Must view Photo Preparation Procedure before shipping your order.



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