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Where are your decades-past pictures, photo snapshotos and 35mm slides from your Las Vegas adventures?  Here’s a fun and informative story from Doug Elfman at the Las Vegas Review Journal that showcases why so many people are digitizing past travel adventure memories.





Even before digital cameras, Las Vegas was most popular for photos



In ye olden days, before we took photos on our phones for cloud storage, humans took photos like apes: We pointed an analog camera at something, captured an image on something archeologists call “film,” and then we paid “photo booth people” to develop “negatives” into photos.


For 26 years, people have been sending such analog photos to a company called, which scans customers’ old analog photos into computers and turns them into digital pictures.


Recently, Katy Perry’s dad got old photos of her digitized, which she then put on social media.


Now, ScanMyPhotos is using software recognition to analyze more than 14 million of those old analog photos that have been digitized. Results:


Some 70 percent of old analog photos submitted to ScanMyPhotos are travel pictures.


And Las Vegas is the most prominent city in those photos, beating all Disney resorts, Paris, New York and national parks.


Another media outlet claimed Disney beat Vegas, but ScanMyPhotos CEO Mitch Goldstone tells us Disney only beats Vegas is you combine all Disney resorts around the world, from Paris to Japan, so Vegas > Disney.


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