Photo-Sharing Apps’ Missing Pictures, Solved

Sportscaster Red BarberAre you among the many rhapsodizing about the new photo-sharing apps? Each service enables you to easily find, edit and share photos faster than ever. The tech media’s firestorm of comprehensive reviews, especially for Google Photos were remarkable for empowering you to better enjoy photos. Yet, everyone has omitted the biggest challenge in photography.


Photography is about sharing and preserving experiences. The photo-sharing services empower you to find, edit and share photos faster than ever. However, when it comes to the Internet of Things for photography, it is more about recent experiences and things like, the food you ate last evening, or random snaps of events and instant happening you come across.

A beginner's guide to choosing a dslr camera



More than ever, pictures are being shared across all social media platforms and especially using the popular #TBT (ThrowbackThursday) searchable hashtag.


The smart and simple answer for searching, organizing, editing and sharing pictures are services like Google Photos, Facebook Moments and Apple Photos


But even with the vast increase of photos shared online, estimated at more than1.8 billion pictures each day, something is missing.

Prepaid photo scanning box

There are two kinds of photos in this world: digital and analog. The photos you can easily organize and add to the popular photo-sharing and cloud storage services mostly consist of recent digital pictures from mobile devices-but what about all those analog and print photos? Are they so easily left out?

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Save 30% on all photo scanning orders





Happy July 4th. What a great time for a family fun project to unclutter, revisit and gather all those decades of favorite snapshots, and 35mm slides to digitize. Do you have loads of past pictures from prior July 4th celebrations?  Save 30% towards all online photo and slide scanning orders (excluding eGift Certificates and tax). Use “Independence” promo code at the checkout page. Expires on July 5th.






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How One Family Preserved Memories of Charity Work, Travels, and Life

Lynne_2There are moments in life you can never re-create, no matter how hard you try. The closest we can get to re-living these preserved memories is through our photos. ScanMyPhotos customer Lynne Stahler has known this to be true for a long time.


Lynne is an avid photographer who has taken mountains of photos of her family over the years—she has nearly 20,000 photos on her computer alone! When asked if there was one photo in particular that was more special than the rest, Lynne replied, “All of our photos are special in that they document our lives.”


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How To Be The Official Digitizer For All Photo-Sharing Apps

ScanMyPhotos digitized more than a quarter billion pictures

An open letter from President & CEO, Mitch Goldstone,


Help make the “Official Digitizer for Photo Sharing Apps.”


Do you recall the Coca-Cola Company’s popular past slogan “The Official Soft Drink of Summer?”  Based on our quarter century as a leader in the photo imaging industry, is working on a campaign to be “The Official Photo Digitizer for Photo-Sharing Apps.” is already an unofficial digitizer of analog pictures being uploaded to the popular photo-sharing services. Will you help us become the official, favorite digitizer for all photo-sharing apps?  We are reaching out to you for input.  What ideas do you have to facilitate in our goal of becoming the “official” digitizer for all photo-sharing apps?   Email your comments to: Support -at –


Having scanned more than a quarter-billion pictures, recognized a challenge for all photo-sharing services; mostly only recent pictures from mobile devices are being enjoyed.  But, those decades of analog snapshots are still relegated to stacks of pictures stored in shoeboxes and are unused.


The best new thing in photography is the launch of new, easy-to-use photo-sharing services, like Google Photos™. This is piloting a spike in the amount of pictures we see shared across social media platforms. These intuitive and smart services are the easy answer for searching, organizing, editing and sharing pictures.


But even with the pending increase of photos shared online, something will be missing.


There are two kinds of photos in this world: digital and analog. The photos you can easily organize and add to the popular photo-sharing and cloud storage services will mostly consist of recent digital pictures from mobile devices—but what about all those analog and print photos? Are they so easily left out?



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With nearly 180,000 followers on Twitter and millions of daily readers, TheStreet™ is a leading digital financial media company providing financial news, commentary. web site is updated in real time, along with investing ideas, trade plans, personal finance tips and lifestyle articles and videos. was profiled by’s Managing Editor, Marlien Cawad for “10 Father’s Day Gifts for 10 Different Types of Dad



Does dad have thousands of old photos that he keeps in boxes or drawers? And has he been talking about wanting to get them all organized? Here’s an idea.


For Father’s Day, you can get dad a prepaid scanning box from The box is $145 and can hold up to 1,800 standard-sized photos. The price includes the cost of scanning and three-way shipping.


When dad is done filling up the box, he just needs to ship it out and within five to 10 days, he’ll get a DVD with all his photos. If he’s just getting started on Instagram, this is the easiest way for him to post stuff for #TBT (Throwback Thursday).


For a small fee, dad can have his photos saved on a flash drive. can also digitize 35mm slides, film negatives, and VHS tapes.

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Graduation Photo Gift Ideas for the Graduate in Your Life

•	Graduation Photo Gift Ideas Even though it’s been six months since the holiday season, we’re once again in the middle of another big gift-giving month. June brings with it many happy occasions to celebrate with a gift—whether it’s for Father’s Day, showers, weddings or graduations.


Last week, we shared some great gift ideas to give any photography-loving dad in your life, but this week is all about the graduates!


Here are some of our favorite graduation photo gift ideas to help the special graduate in your life treasure all their happy memories.


Photo book


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Get Caught Up With Bloggers Writing About

Hello, photo enthusiasts – To consolidate the most recent website postings, reviews and stories about, hope you enjoy the below news. Please support those websites and check them out, subscribe to their blogs.

lifeedited2 - Get Caught Up With Bloggers Writing About

Product Review:

Excerpt: from David Friendler,



I still have an emotional attachment to these captured moments, but not a physical attachment to the paper photos themselves. I planned to digitize them long ago, but never got around to it. I finally decided to do it, using – the decision based on a post I did about photo digitization.


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Scanning the family photo collection


Excerpt from Jeri Danski, Unclutterer!

I have boxes and boxes of family photos (some from the 1920s) I’d like to scan in and put on CDs (is that a good way to save them?) and also put on a website where family members can access them and print out what they’d like to keep. How do I even get started? How do I organize the project? I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.


Many people have happily used scanning services. Erin used ScanMyPhotos, as did a recent commenter, L. Charles. The company takes your prints, negatives and/or slides, does the scanning, and ships you back a DVD with those scans (along with your originals).


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momwithapreplogo 3 - Get Caught Up With Bloggers Writing About

Save Your Family Photos from Disasters – Digitize Them!

Excerpt from Mom With A Prep:

Scanning Bulk Photos: “This option takes just a bit of faith, but my experience has been awesome, as well as others that I know. You can send a whole shoebox full of photos (of relatively the same size) to a company and have them mass scan them all for you for a single fee. It saves you TONS of time (because your time is valuable). They will send you back your photos plus a DVD of your photos scanned at 300dpi. There are companies like and many others….” 


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homepage - Get Caught Up With Bloggers Writing About ScanMyPhotos.com4 Things Successful Small-Business Owners Do Every Morning


Excerpt via Wells Fargo, from The Huffington Post:


“The saying goes that the early bird gets the worm. But success isn’t as simple as waking up before everyone else. It’s about what you do — or don’t do — in those first hours of the day. We partnered with Wells Fargo and asked several small-business owners to share the simple morning habits that help keep them positive and productive all day long.”


“Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of, reviews the previous week’s orders and sends flowers to two dozen customers every weekday as both a thank-you gesture and a way of recognizing the memorial services, anniversaries and life milestones that brought them to his site.”


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