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Over the past many days, since the San Francisco Google developers conference, ScanMyPhotos.com has been leading the excitement for this new photo-sharing tool to reunite people with decades of nostalgic photos. From the free storage to beyond epic image recognition tools, this is the best new thing to celebrate photography.


Here are several of our @ScanMyPhotos.com Tweets on @GooglePhotos to spark additional interest and understand why nearly every tech reporter has joined us in celebrating this significant achievement.





Following the tweets, people are uploading 1, 5, 10, even 30k pics. But no analog pics. How to:







Best part of scanning old, analog photos to upload on photo sharing apps is we were all younger, thinner.

Before   , it’s to digitize your photos

How is Solving Photo-Sharing, Cloud Storages’ Biggest Problem | Business Wire

“As the powerhouse of intuitive functions, Google Photos wins!”

More stellar raves for – enjoy these cool (mind blowing) tips from 1/8

Nostalgia is a powerful way to unit past memories with future generations. How to snapshots:

“Photo app smackdown: Google, Apple or Yahoo?” via  

Before for sharing:backing up photos, there’s to digitize all. Smart synergy.

Google yanks tool for advanced online photo editing via

There are 3.5 trillion analog photos to digitize, share, enjoy using [keeps busy]

Best ever PR case study model for “Oscar” level success is . Cheers to Anil Sabharwal all photo fans

Official Google Blog: Picture this: A fresh approach to Photos