A Year in Pictures: The Best Photos of 2015

best photos of 2015 As we count down the last few days of 2015 and ring in the New Year, there is a lot to look back on. So many moments—some special and wonderful, others shocking and sad—happened all over the world (and beyond) this year. Through photos we were able to capture only a fraction of these moments to either re-live the good times or keep them as a reminder of what needs to change in 2016.


Here are some of the articles that we feel capture the best photos of 2015. As we review these amazing photos, the one thing we can all agree on is that we’re looking forward to all the wonderful new moments 2016 has in store.


The Coolest Images From National Geographic’s 2015 Photo Contest@Gizmodo


Every year National Geographic opens their photography contest to photographers around the world. The photos that win are the cream of the crop selected from the thousands of submissions that were entered. You won’t want to miss these incredible photos.


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Why An Entrepreneur Advocates Rebranding CES® Name


Outdated CES® Name Should Be Modernized to Reflect Today’s All-digital World:

CES: “Digital Technology Show”

Irvine, CA –After nearly 50 years, it is time to rebrand and modernize the formerly iconic name International Consumer Electronics Show (“CES®”). The consumer technology marketplace has evolved with spectacular innovations since CES’ launch in 1967– rooted from a time when analog electronics commanded attention. Back then, pocket radios, integrated circuitry and transistors ruled. But, today’s culture-changing tech products are no longer relegated to electronics, but rather to transformative, digital inventions.


“For nearly 50-years, CES has been the home to groundbreaking innovations to captivate the world. Now, it is time for a change to celebrate a much larger universe of next generation consumer products which have a singular commonality . . . digital,” said Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com, the e-commerce photo digitization company.


Goldstone, a well-known CES supporter and longtime attendee, since 1990, today launched an advocacy campaign to have The Consumer Technology Association (“CTA”), as the global stage for innovation, change and rebrand the name of its trade show to “CES: The Digital Technology Show.”


By seeking support from the entire consumer technology industry, Goldstone aspires to score attention from the CTA trade organization, major companies, exhibitors, attendees and industry professionals to modernize the CES moniker to “CES: The Digital Technology Show.”


Can a single advocacy campaign by one entrepreneur motivate this name change? “Yes,” asserts Goldstone, “just as single products over the decades have continually reinvented CES.” Past advocacy campaigns by Goldstone included his role as lead plaintiff in the multi-billion dollar merchant interchange credit card settlement, and among the first business owners to loudly challenge Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations.


“Even the name ‘consumer’ is outdated, as the world’s largest tech show is a private event– closed off from consumers’ participation, yet they are spotlighted in the name,” explained Goldstone.


As the mainstay for new product announcements– introduced to the worldwide media each January in Las Vegas, including to influential tech bloggers and trending social media reporters, CES has changed. Just as technology has led to a near wreckage of traditional retail stores and mall shopping experiences–replaced by online sales, so too has CES seen an ocean-sized shift in its vendor’s products.


“Using the name ‘electronics’ to describe CES is dated in 1960’s technology,” said Goldstone. By modernizing its name to reflect the fact that most consumer products in today’s all-digital world are digital, CES would vastly broaden the landscape for many new vendors to participate.


Prior to the digital transformation, electronics was limited to analog technology. By spearheading a proposal to modernize the CES name and reflect the swift changes from “electronics” to digital, Goldstone hopes the new name will be announced soon.

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USAToday Tech Stocking Stuffer Includes ScanMyPhotos

Thanks to Jennifer Jolly, the Emmy Award-winning consumer tech contributor and host of USA TODAY’s digital video show TECH NOW for her USA Today holiday gadget gift ideas. Among the ten profiled is ScanMyPhotos.com to safely digitize pictures.


List of companies profiled by Jennifer:




ScanMyPhotos ($145+)


Have a family member with a collection of photos crammed into cardboard boxes and photo albums? You can help them convert their collection to 300dpi (or 600dpi) quality JPGs without any fuss with ScanMyPhotos. This package deal will send you a prepaid box into which your photo-hoarder can pack as many photos as they’d like (up to approximately 1800). It takes 5 to 10 business days to scan them; then the company sends back the originals along with new digital copies on DVD.



This is another gift that won’t exactly “arrive” in time for Christmas because there’s some effort required on your gift recipient’s part, but preserving memories is still a great holiday gift. Give them a card and take the time to help gather and package their photos (and access them in digital form once they arrive), and your gift recipient is sure to be happy.


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Heightened Security Announced by #CES2016

The Below was announced by The International Consumer Electronics Show. Since 1990, ScanMyPhotos.com has been involved and attended the world’s largest consumer trade show in the world each January in Las Vegas.



New procedures include bag checks, body screening and increased security personnel

Due to recent global tragedies we have new security procedures for CES. This includes bag restrictions as well as additional security measures that you will need to know before coming to CES.

We want you to have a safe CES experience. We are implementing these enhanced measures with the goal of maintaining the safety of all of our guests – attendees, exhibitors, members of the media – and show personnel while creating as little inconvenience as possible. Please review the following new measures:

New Rules for CES 2016

  • Luggage may not be brought into official CES exhibit and conference areas. This means no suitcases at the venues.
  • Sorry, no rolling bags of any size. This includes luggage, carry-ons, laptop and computer bags and rolling luggage carts.
  • Only two bags, each smaller than 12” x 17” x 6” (30 cm x 43 cm x 15 cm), may be brought into official show premises. CES exhibitorsand credentialed members of the press may receive specific exceptions.
  • Bags will be searched. We suggest you use clear bags (mesh, plastic, vinyl, etc.) to expedite this process.
  • Bags and backpacks with many pockets are not helpful. Pockets slow search times.



What to Expect On-Site

  • Bags will be searched. We suggest you use clear bags (mesh, plastic, vinyl, etc.) to expedite this process.
  • Everyone will be subject to metal detector screening and body pat downs upon entering show premises. CTA will conduct searches at specific points to ensure quick and easy access to exhibit halls and reduce the number of times you have to go through security.
  • Bag check availability at show venues will be extremely limited. Please keep this in mind if you are bringing your luggage to the show. Please allow extra time for checking and retrieving your luggage.
  • Expect more security and law enforcement personnel both inside and outside of show properties.
  • As precautionary measures only, you will see police officers in armored gear and explosive detection dogs throughout various CES facilities.
  • While we will be as sensitive to lines and inconvenience as possible, you can expect delays entering show facilities.



Helpful Tips

  • Avoid bulky clothing.
  • Leave bags and luggage at your hotel.
  • Limit bags you carry to two and make sure they fit size requirements.
  • Use clear, vinyl or mesh bags to expedite bag search process.
  • All attendees must have an official CES badge and government-issued photo ID before entering CES show venues. Keep both close by as you enter official show venues.
  • Pre-registering on-line and picking up your badge at the airport or hotel is strongly encouraged. A list of badge pickup locations can be found here. 
  • Build time into your schedule for screening delays.
  • Plan ahead to avoid continuously changing venues. Use the official CES App to help you navigate the show.
  • Do not bring luggage to show venue your last day in Las Vegas.
  • If you see something suspicious, please use the emergency contact numbers below.



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Early Access: New Year 50% Off Photo Scanning







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