CNBC Holiday Guide Profiles

Writer and editor, Chris Morris profiled “10 last-minute gift ideas” on CNBC.  Among the list, including Kindle and Netflix was As Chris prepares for next month’s CES, he must be swamped with story pitches, so we’re extra grateful that he found us, before we found him.  Thanks, Chris!




ScanMyPhotos ($145)

We’ve all got stacks of old print photos lying around that we mean to put in albums but rarely (if ever) look at. Digitizing them is the smart way to go, but no one wants to spend that much time manually doing it.ScanMyPhotos is an online service that does the job for you — with a remarkable turnaround time.


The company sends a prepaid postage box (which is all you have to hand over as the gift), which customers load with as many pictures as they can. About a week or so later, it’s returned with the photos scanned into digital form and put on a CD or USB.