5 Artistic Snapchat Accounts to Follow

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LACMA / hyperallergic.com

They say that beauty is fleeting – and never more so than on Snapchat, the mobile app that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and followers… for 10 whole seconds. While this social media newcomer is often home to tween selfies and celebrity makeup routines, it is also a wonderful platform for artists to share their work with the world.


Incorporating humor, drawing, photography, and a huge serving of imagination, these five Snapchat accounts will blow you away with their creativity:


1. Dabttll


Dasha Battelle is a legendary Snapchat artist who creates intricate Snaps using only her phone and finger (never a stylus). Sometimes funny, sometimes breathtaking, Dasha’s Snaps are as thought-provoking as they are visually appealing.


Her advice for burgeoning Snapchat artists? “Layering is really key for shading and for creating finer lines. Additionally, utilizing the go-back function is great so that you can be picky about what you put down.”


2. LACMA_museum


Ok, so the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) isn’t an artist in and of itself, but they do an amazing job of sharing traditional art in a fun new way.


This forward-thinking museum has really found their groove on Snapchat, sharing famous sculptures and paintings, but adding funny captions that make the pieces more relatable to a younger audience. Follow LACMA for these clever glimpses into the art world – it may even inspire you to visit an art museum near you!


3. CyreneQ


Cyrene Quiamcois is a freelance designer with her finger on the pulse of Snapchat talent. In addition to her own intricate, pop-culture-driven snaps, Cyrene curates The11thSecond.com, a website that highlights other Snapchat artists that are doing interesting things with the app.


4. geeohsnap


This Norwegian Snapchat artist is most well-known for his “Random People Project,” which went viral in 2014.


“Sitting in an airport I saw a person who was really bored waiting for his delayed airplane. I took a quick snap of him and gave him a new story with some creative doodles. That was the beginning of my Random People Project.” These fusion illustrations are delightfully whimsical – the workings of a truly imaginative mind brought to life by the world around him.


5. Miologie

Christine Mi is a self-taught Snapchat phenom who is known both for her quirky captioned photos and for her striking drawings. Her attention to detail is clear – she says some of her snaps take 20-40 minutes to create. Christine isn’t above interacting with her fans… she is open to snapping back and forth privately, meaning you could get some original art as Mi’s follower.



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