Disintegrating Family Photo Albums Transform into Touching Gifts

family photo albums

Lee’s family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner 1958.

After digitizing pictures, here is how to better enjoy your photos

Years ago, photo albums were meant to organize our photos and keep them safe for future generations. However, unless archival-quality albums were used to store your treasured pictures, the acidic paper of a photo album can deteriorate printed photos over time.

This is the dilemma that ScanMyPhotos customer Lee Jackto is currently facing with her parents’ photo albums.

“My mom has about 25+ albums that are decaying rapidly—the pictures are turning yellow and are stuck in that acid-type folder paper. These albums contain pictures of me growing up, starting with my baby photos, and pictures of my parent’s wedding—overall there are about 50 years worth of photos in them.”

Lee did some online research to find a company that could scan her photos and restore some of the quality. She discovered ScanMyPhotos from a CNET recommendation and decided to move forward.

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5 Ways to Make Graduation Photos Special

grad with blooms 200x300 - 5 Ways to Make Graduation Photos Special

Graduation is one of the most important moments in a person’s life, and photos of this moment remain uniquely untainted. Looking at them years from now, only pride and a sense of accomplishment will last the distance of time.


Unlike weddings, family reunions or photos with your college girlfriends where divorce, family conflict and that time your roommate hooked up with your boyfriend leap to mind with one scroll through your album, graduation photos are forever happy. These days, grads are coming up with creative ways to capture the moment.

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7 Of The Best Scrapbooking Blogs To Follow

Scrapbooking is part craft project and part memory preservation, sprinkled with tons of fun and creativity.

The sky is the limit when it comes to scrapbooks. In any craft store you’ll find aisles of crafting scissors, books, stickers, and paper products that will help you create a one-of-a-kind album for your photos.

There are also a ton of scrapbooking blogs out there, too. These blogs are written by individuals or companies who seek to inspire, teach, and share scrapbooking ideas and techniques.

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Capturing the Moment: 5 Photos to Take on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Photos

The author’s family, Mother’s Day 1980

By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


Mother’s Day is this weekend, and it’s a perfect opportunity to take family photos that will last for a lifetime of memories. Whether you are a mom or love someone who is a mom, take the time to record the moment, and then get back to celebrating your favorite ladies. Here’s a list of five shots to plan for during the special day.


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5 Tips for Bird Photography

Bird Photography


By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


Part of the joy of spring is the sound of bird song and the bright flash of a colorful wing or the surprise of red on a robin’s breast. Yesterday, I had to run an errand at a government building, one of those things we all dread but must do. As I was about to enter, I saw a duckling on the sidewalk. The awkward juvenile was no longer yellow and tiny, but the little guy/gal was still fluffy and vulnerable. It waddled back and forth and in small circles, quacking anxiously. A man, who clearly worked there, barred it from entering the door in a little dance with the creature.


“I think Mom and Dad went to the lake and lost count,” he said as I stopped to watch, feeling an intensely maternal concern for the bird. “I’ve been watching them for a week, and the mother duck is very protective.” We were joined by another woman, and our trio of concerned citizens cooed and clucked over its plight. Eventually, the man sashayed the duckling toward the bushes and safety. For a moment I had forgotten my grim errand. I also forgot to take a picture. What a missed opportunity! I was close enough to see the details of the webbing on its little flippers and the gleam in its worried eyes. So, I wondered, if I had the chance again, how could I best capture the moment on camera?

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