Come Back To ScanMyPhotos For This Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day Photo Scanning Gift Idea


Forget flowers and chocolates on May 12th. This Mother’s Day how about something that will be remembered forever. Order prepaid fill-the-box scanning bonus package from All orders are mailed via U.S. Priority Mail on the same business day it is received. All photos are scanned and mailed back within days and instant same day cloud uploading is included, along with a DVD and USB flash drive


Click here to order right now and save 20 %. You can easily choose all the extras, such as our Crystal Diamond Photo Enhancement, extra DVDs, keep all pictures scanned in order…

Your prepaid box will be mailed to all the special mom’s on your list, or any other recipients you choose (all boxes must be mailed to one the same address).

ScanMyPhotos logo - Come Back To ScanMyPhotos For This Mother's Day Gift Idea has professionally digitized more than 300 million photos

Have any questions, click here to reach our Live Support help desk to reach your personal concierge photo specialist.


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ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning

Here is the latest news profile on one cent photo scanning. Click here to view online.

Excerpt reposted from the original article written by Gary Pageau, Dead Pixel Society:

onecentNEW 300x200 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo ScanningLongtime photo industry entrepreneur Mitch Goldstone knows the value of PR and publicity. Whether it was starting out as a one-hour processing lab and boutique photo store in Irvine, Calif., and later pivoting to bulk photo digitization services, Goldstone has been able to gain national attention from influencers like David Pogue, Jefferson Graham, and even OprahThe New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and numerous other national consumer press outlets have boosted the business of ScanMyPhotos.

In fact, it was a mention on the Oprah Magazine website that kicked off the concept. Citing the “Oprah Effect” – where enormous attention is paid to small businesses mentioned by the superstar – Goldstone decided to try the one-penny per scan offer after more than 3,700 people took tried the initial 1-cent promo. Of course, there are caveats: The scans are “150-dpi social media” quality, with higher-quality scans available for an upcharge. (Additionally, rates were cut in half on 300 and 600 dpi photo-print scans, which are now respectively 8 and 16 cents per image.) Other upcharges include same-day scanning and instant uploading. “Same-day scanning and instant uploading” means the same day the order is received, it is scanned and uploaded.

All New: Photo Scanning For One Cent From ScanMyPhotos. CLICK for Instant Ordering

onecentpicture 300x146 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning






“We beta tested this to refine the process,” says Goldstone. “It took five or six weeks. The average order now is 4,800 photos, whereas before, the number was a fraction of that. That means, with pricing that low, people can finally digitize all of their photos.

hometoonecentscanning 300x129 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning“The number one question we get is, ‘what’s the catch?’” he adds. “We have gotten nothing but positive responses. We have people sending 4,000, 5,000, 7,000 photos; 7,000 photos is $70. The hope is they engage and share. The lesson for everyone is to cut prices and use the goodwill you get from it as advertising. ScanMyPhotos does no advertising. I’ve had people ask about an affiliate program, and I respond, ‘How do you do an affiliate program when you charge a penny?’”

As a promotional opportunity, Goldstone says this is the most significant promotion since David Pogue featured ScanMyPhotos in the New York Times. “That put us on the map,” he says.

“The whole point of business today is to dazzle customers so they tell the world,” explains Goldstone. “I did Facebook and Google ads years ago, and it was like a drain. No matter what budget I put into it, the money just disappeared.”


Goldstone says he was inspired to try the promo based on what he saw Google Photos doing (offering free low-resolution storage and paid high-resolution storage) and through customer feedback. Eighty-percent of customers are using their scanned images on social media sites, like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, where high resolution is not necessary.

The next innovation popular with customers is the same-day scanning service. “There is no reason for people to wait months to get their photos back, with today’s technology and efficiency,” says Goldstone, noting return shipping can be done on a budget, too. If the customer’s photos are scanned and uploaded right away, they aren’t in a hurry to get their prints back.”

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Consumer Alert: ScanMyPhotos Reveals You May Be Wasting Money Scanning Pictures

In today’s all-digital world, consumer demand and a new tech innovation led to one cent photo scanning

ScanMyPhotos corpoate headquarters in Irvine 300x138 - Consumer Alert: ScanMyPhotos Reveals You May Be Wasting Money Scanning Pictures Announces One Cent Photo Scanning

Photo Scanning and the 300 vs 600 DPI Myth

release topquote - Consumer Alert: ScanMyPhotos Reveals You May Be Wasting Money Scanning says: “Too many people are having their pictures digitized at the highest super-premium resolution when they may only be uploading their photographs to social media sites.”release bottomquote - Consumer Alert: ScanMyPhotos Reveals You May Be Wasting Money Scanning Pictures

Unless your car requires premium-grade high-octane gasoline, you are wasting money. Pumping the higher-priced premium fuel when your vehicle requires regular is a cash guzzler.

The same is true when it comes to digitizing pictures. The actuality is like premium gasoline, ultra-high photo scanning resolutions are not always required.

onecentpicture 300x146 - Consumer Alert: ScanMyPhotos Reveals You May Be Wasting Money Scanning Pictures





According to, which has digitized 600 million pictures, if you are just uploading newly scanned photographs to social media photo-sharing apps, you are squandering your money.

onecentNEW 300x200 - Consumer Alert: ScanMyPhotos Reveals You May Be Wasting Money Scanning Pictures

After asking 480 recent customers how they shared their scanned snapshots, nearly 80 percent revealed they just post to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snap, and Twitter.

If you drive a high-performance car or are a professional photographer archivist, the top grade is the way to go. For photo scanning at, the three digitization resolution grades are 150 dpi (1 cent each), 300 dpi (8 cents) and 600 dpi (16 cents). Compare this to buying a DIY scanner which may cost $600 before the time and labor of digitizing a single photo. Or outsourcing where prices range from 40 cents to a dollar and according to PC Magazine [April 8, 2019, “Get Organized: How to Scan Your Old Photos,”] may take months to return. Launches One Cent Photo Scanning

Inspired after being profiled in Oprah Magazine for the top ways to declutter your home by digitizing pictures, an idea was hatched.

If you heard the term the “Oprah Effect,” it is real and powerful. Many readers responded by explaining they had 5,000 and 10,000 pre-digital photos. They sought a more economical way to digitally preserve their nostalgic family history.

After 6 weeks of testing, the feedback led to being the first photo digitization service to launch a new way to unclutter decades of analog photographs with photo scanning as low as one cent each. The lessons from billions of pictures destroyed by hurricanes and wildfires were also the foundation for an urgency to pioneer a new way to affordably protect photos.

Mitch Goldstone, CEO explained “The photo scanning resolution paradox is just like choosing which gasoline grade to pump. Do you know anyone who uses high-octane premium gas in their car even though it only requires regular? The same is happening when scanning photos. Too many people are having their pictures digitized at the highest super-premium resolution when they may only be uploading their photographs to social media sites.”

Just like at gas stations,, the photo digitization experts, do feature all three grades from 150, 300 and 600 dpi with instant ordering online. There is a $40 minimum charge that is applied to the order which means if 4,000 photos are scanned without any add-on enhanced services, the cost is $40. Among the most popular add-on features are same-day scanning and instant uploading of the digitized pictures.

Background: has professionally preserved 600 million happy memories, milestones, and special events for its customers since 1990. The photo digitizing company specializes in photo, 35mm slide, and negative film scanning. All photo digitization and fulfillment are professionally performed on-site at the corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA.

To order and all the details for one cent photo scanning, please click here


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Give a Mother’s Day Gift that’s Truly Touching

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift, you can find inspiration from AARP The Magazine’s Gift Guide. is on this list (read by 37 million subscribers) and among the latest tech gadgets to “convert old photos to digital files.”  Now, ScanMyPhotos Egift certificates are also easily ordered online to give to all the mom’s in your life.  It’s an easy way to help mom preserve precious memories and a lifetime of love.

Flowers have always been a great accompaniment to Mother’s Day gifts. 


Mother’s Day Flower Sale, Carrick neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA along Brownsville Rd. ca 1993

Photography Tip

The best way to photograph flat artwork is to use natural light. If possible, bring the piece outside and find an open but slightly shady area. The shade helps protects the artwork from sun damage or curling. Read more…

Artwork Idea

mom2 300x200 - Give a Mother's Day Gift that’s Truly TouchingHave a picture that lights up mom’s life? Your scanned photos can be used to make a glowingly beautiful candle votive that will light up with fond memories.  Learn more…


“Very quick service. Easy instructions to follow as far as sending the photos in. Received notification of receiving my photos, then when being processed, then when shipped out with tracking. Great job.”  Read more…

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Capturing the Moment: 5 Photos to Take on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Photos

The author’s family, Mother’s Day 1980

By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


Mother’s Day is May 12th and it’s a perfect opportunity to take family photos that will last for a lifetime of memories. Whether you are a mom or love someone who is a mom, take the time to record the moment, and then get back to celebrating your favorite ladies. Here’s a list of five shots to plan for during the special day.


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