Have a Picture Party at Holiday Gatherings

Revisit Your Family Photos During the Holidays

pic2 150x150 - Have a Picture Party at Holiday GatheringsFamily time over the holidays is the perfect time to go through the mountains of old printed photos, videos or slides and reminisce with loved ones. It will be so fun to sit with past generations and have them share the stories that go along with all of those old photos.

Find a comfy spot with a lot of space, refreshments and bring out those boxes that have been sitting in the attic for decades. You may be there awhile. This is also the perfect time to think about how to preserve those old memories digitally so they aren’t lost for future generations. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to have a picture party reliving memories and making new ones.

ScanMyPhotos offers many services to help you preserve those wonderful old photos, slides, and videos digitally with your hectic schedule in mind.  You can preserve a lifetime of memories for future generations with our easy and affordable photo, slide and negative scanning services. The process could not be any easier. This is also the perfect way to make sure that everyone has a copy of your family’s history, not just one person with all the boxes in the attic.

Photo Scanning

Our team of professionals will protect your photos from aging by scanning them into digital format, preserving them on archival DVDs ensuring your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Negative Scanning

Whether you have 35mm, APS or 120mm negatives, our technicians will hand-scan each negative, make adjustments for optimum color and density and save your family’s memories and milestones for future generations.

Slide Scanning

We will carefully hand-scan and adjust each slide to provide you with the best possible quality, allowing you to start enjoying and sharing those many happy memories within a few short weeks.

Check out https://www.scanmyphotos.com/ to get started on preserving your family’s history this holiday season.

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3 Tips for a Picture Perfect Halloween

Kids and pumpkins on HalloweenMost kids absolutely love Halloween and plenty of adults get in on the action too. It seems like each year, the Halloween fun gets bigger and better. Whether you live in a neighborhood with a fantastic cul-de-sac Halloween party scene or you’re taking the kids out for some trick-or-treat fun, getting great photos is a must.

However, the evening lighting presents a challenge for getting great pictures of your favorite ghouls and goblins. Check out these tips for perfecting your Halloween pictures.

Get an Early Start

Thanksgiving 300x200 - 3 Tips for a Picture Perfect HalloweenEven though most of the trick-or-treating action is after the early fall sunset, make sure you head outside to catch some great shots before the sun starts setting. This extra time also gives you the opportunity to head to an area outside with a great fall scene or a backdrop related to the costume theme. The nice lighting of the early evening will allow you to capture all the sweet or gory details of your little one’s costumes. If you happen to live on one of those great blocks that go all out for Halloween, grab all of the neighborhood kids for a great group shot. It will be fun to look back and remember those experiences with old childhood friends in years to come. Don’t forget to get down on the child’s level for the best angle.

Set the Scene

If you really want to do something cool that your child will really love, take some time during Halloween to take some really memorable photos. If your child is obsessed with dinosaurs and dressing as one for Halloween, take them to a park with some cool rock formations to take some prehistoric fun. If you have a horse loving child who will be galloping their way through trick-or-treating, take them to a farm and get some great shots on hay, in a barn, along fences, and with some real horses. Be creative. The sky is the limit. Those photos will also look fantastic framed in their bedroom.

Lighting Challenges

After you were able to capture some great posed shots with your children with better lighting, the darker evening hours have arrived. But, you still want to be able to document them enjoying the fun of trick-or-treating. Since most of us are solely using our smartphones for taking pictures these days, check out your phone settings a few evenings before Halloween and test them. It’s likely that you have some preset capabilities to improve your low-light photo dilemma. If not, increase your ISO to a higher setting to help compensate for the lack of light. Another fun idea is to get creative with the light from candles, jack-o-lanterns or glow sticks.

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Scanning Kodachrome slides and Digital ICE

Kodachrome filmWhile ScanMyPhotos champions scanning of your photos to protect them from the unforeseen, we also feature professional 35mm slide scanning services. Each slide is individually hand scanned by our professional technicians, you can select to have each adjusted to achieve the optimum color and density so you end up with the best possible scan at either 2,000 or 4,000 dpi. One issue that arises though is scanning Kodachrome slides and trying to use the Digital ICE process. It is a very powerful scanning tool built into nearly all current slide scanners however, Kodachrome tends to be tricky to scan. First a little history and then we will discuss the issues that everyone faces when scanning Kodachrome.

image1 300x143 - “A New Leaf”, TV Series by Ancestry® to debut on NBC this FallBefore reading this report. An update. ScanMyPhotos.com professionally digitizes all your photos this fast.

While we have scanned six hundred million images, it is news stories like these that made us so popular, but no order is more precious or important than yours. We are here to help. For loads of photo tips, news updates, and crazy-discounted deals, sign up to receive free updates.

What is Kodachrome?

Kodachrome is famous for, among other things, being the topic of a Paul Simon song, a U.S. State Park in Utah (Kodachrome Basin State Park) and being tricky to scan. The film itself was introduced by Kodak in 1935 but was discontinued in 2009 and nearly all processing of the film stopped in 2010. Since the film was discontinued, there was no reason for labs to continue processing the film since processing was complex and exacting, requiring technicians with extensive chemistry training and large, complex machinery. Think of them as the Walter Whites of film processing.

IMG 8694 300x201 - Scanning Kodachrome slides and Digital ICE







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Kesha “Safe” Anti-Gun Violence “March For Our Lives” Video

Pop music icon Kesha and her younger brother Sage, director Ben Smith at Mill+, and ad agency McCann NY have teamed to create a music video for March for Our Lives that dramatizes the cycle of gun violence and reminds young people that voting is the only way to end it.


Sage and Kesha sing:



In a mad man’s world, happens every day
I don’t understand why the rules can’t change
I don’t wanna be a moment of silence
I don’t wanna be an early grave
When I’m walking through the halls
I don’t wanna be brave, I just wanna be safe

“Safe” by Sage, featuring his sister Kesha and rapper Chika and released with March For Our Lives, shows the chain of events as a Rube Goldberg machine, triggered by a series of bullets fired down a school corridor in slow motion.

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