Preserving Cherished Family Recipes for the Holidays

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As we enter the whirlwind of holiday family gatherings in the coming months, we think of one of the most special parts of our family traditions – the food! Everyone has those special dishes that they share around the holidays and no one makes it better than Grandma’s (or mom, aunt, cousin).

One thing that happens in almost every family is the matriarch continues making their specialty for as long as they can and children and grandchildren do what they do best and enjoy it! We don’t always make it a point to make sure future generations know all about how Grandma makes that special item that everyone can’t wait to eat. The holidays are the perfect time to document and preserve this special part of your family history. With all of the wonderful technology we have today, there are so many ways to make sure cherished family recipes are enjoyed for generations to come.

When everyone is spending time together for family holiday gatherings, this is the perfect time to document this part of your family’s history. What better time to pass on cherished family recipes than when Grandma is there to give the tutorial herself? If you are lucky enough to have the loved one with you, let them create the cherished family recipes while you create documentation. Here are some things to remember to capture.


Use Technology to Preserve Cherished Family Recipes

Taking photos of Grandma creating the dishes is wonderful, but remember to take photos of each step of the recipe along with the finished product as well. After each is finished, take candid photos of everyone enjoying the special dish along with Grandma.

A video is an amazing way to preserve each recipe.

Who better to explain all of her special tricks than Grandma herself? Anyone who has tried to replicate a loved one’s special recipes knows they never quite turn out like the master’s.

That’s because Grandma has made the recipe so many times that it’s likely a bit different from the written version.

Creating a video is an amazing way to pass on all of her wonderful tips as well as leaving a step-by-step guide for future generations.

Another way to create an amazing memento is to have Grandma handwrite the recipe so that everyone can have a copy in her handwriting.

Recipe books along with the photos you take can be easily printed as keepsakes for family members and make amazing gifts.

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