Bring Your Vintage Photos to Life with Vivid-Pix Restore

We’re always on the hunt for awesome photo technology—whether it’s the latest iPhone app or Instagram feature. This week, we had the chance to review Vivid-Pix’s RESTORE software and were amazed at how this easy-to-use program can bring your vintage photos to life.


Who is Vivid-Pix?


The idea for Vivid-Pix started five years ago after the founders came back from a vacation and were dissatisfied with the pictures captured during a scuba diving trip. Every photo looked dull in shades of gray and blue—nothing like the vibrant underwater adventure that was witnessed firsthand. To help bring these photos—and eventually others like them—to life, Vivid-Pix was born.


There are three products the company offers:



While all three products have their merits, RESTORE is the one that enhances old photos so this review is centered on that particular software.


To test the product, I decided to use my recently scanned family photos as a guinea pig.


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Apple’s New Hidden Gem: iOS 10 Automatically Organizes Photos

iOS10The last estimated count of stored digital photos in existence was 4.9 trillion in 2014. It was also projected that by 2017, this number will jump up to 4.9 trillion1.


So, yes, digital clutter is a very real phenomenon. Since the popularity of digital cameras, and now our phone’s ability to take a seemingly endless amount of photos wherever we are, the amount of digital photo clutter is only going to continue to increase.


But with the new release of Apple’s iOS 10, organizing digital photos just got a whole lot easier.


Facial recognition technology


Anyone who’s updated to the new iOS 10 platform on their iPhone is in for a treat. In addition to a newly designed Music app and Autocorrect’s new ability to give contextual predictions, your iPhone is also ready to help you better organize your digital photos.

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Tales From The Pictures We Saved – Episode 7: The Hungarian Refugees

tales from the pictures we savedWelcome to this week’s episode of Tales From the Pictures We Saved. 


We’ve spent the past 26 years helping our customers preserve tens of millions of happy memories, milestones, achievements and events—all of which have incredible stories behind each and every photo.


And now we’re eager to share these stories with you.


In this week’s episode, our very own editor and blogger here at ScanMyPhotos, Monika Jansen, shares her family’s harrowing tale of escaping communism in Hungary back in the 1950s.


Preview: If a civil uprising forced you to flee your home, family, and country, what would be the most important, most precious item you’d feel compelled to take with you? This was the question Monika’s father, uncle, and grandmother had to ask themselves in 1956. Her grandmother’s answer to this question ensured that an amazing set of photos made their way into Monika’s hands—photos she knew she had to preserve.

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ScanMyPhotos Featured in USA Today “Best Tech Gifts”


It’s the company you keep. Top technologist and USA Today reporter, Ed Baig, profiled the top tech picks, and among the industry mega-giants, was the recommendation”… if you have a ton of pics…’












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3 Reasons Why You Should Participate in StoryCorps’ Great Thanksgiving Listen

thanksgivingContext is a vital part of any photo-scanning project—especially when inheriting a box of vintage photos from a family member. Who are the people in the pictures? Where were they taken? Who took the pictures and why? Unless detailed notes were included on the images themselves, the answers to these questions are often lost to the passage of time.


Thankfully, this no longer needs to be the case. We now have the ability to record, add notes and photos, and archive the oral history of our families and our Nation—all we need to do is sit down and ask the right questions.


This is why every Thanksgiving, we encourage our customers to participate in StoryCorps’ Great Thanksgiving Listen. The challenge is simple: Using the StoryCorp app, set some time aside this Thanksgiving to interview an older family member about their life and memories. You’ll be surprised at what you find out. In fact, our customers often discover incredible stories about their family’s history simply by sending us their photos. Check out a few of our favorites:

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