Are your photos prepared for disaster? #NatlPrep

It’s something we never want to think about, but the reality is that disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. That’s why every September we take National Preparedness Month very seriously.


Whether we’re safeguarding against fire, flood, earthquake, or theft, now is the time to make checklists on what to do in the event of a disaster, form plans, make backups, and secure our valuables or irreplaceable items.


So many times we hear people say they wish they backed up their antique photos or didn’t wait until it was too late to scan them in. Send us your photos today to preserve these invaluable memories.
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A famous 1970s recording studio goes up in flames


Part of the famous Record Plant recording studios, Studio C went up in flames on January 10, 1978. Rocker Marshall Chapman recalls struggling to choose which priceless master recordings to save from the fire as they fled the building that day, “I nearly fainted when I saw I was holding a box containing the master tape from Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life.”


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Photography Tip
“I find that the attention span of subjects is not that long. I think sessions should be short, only a few minutes. I believe that a session should be shorter and I do a lot of work up front, so a subject can come in quickly and be done.”


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How To Use Your Scanned Photos


Want to have tea time with a friend who lives far away? Send them a personalized tea biscuit with a photo of the two of you so they can enjoy with every sip. These biscuits make for wonderfully thoughtful gifts.


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“Awesome, awesome customer service! ScanMyPhotos scanned 1,000 odd/sized pictures representing my whole life – also my baby pictures! The package arrived today – this will be a very special Christmas present for my children!”



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How to Safely Store Negatives and Transparencies


There’s an unspoken default method when it comes to storing old photos, slides, negatives, and video reels.


Most people pack those items away in boxes, bins, or trunks, and push them to the back of a closet, attic, or basement. These boxes stay there, collecting dust, until the time comes when they can be properly organized and managed.
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