Why #WorldBackupDay Should Be Everyday

Today is comparable to “Black Friday” for companies engaged in preserving and backing up data.  For complete info on WorldBackupDay, click here



The Challenges Of Preserving Your Digital Legacy by Tony Bradley

EXCERPT By Tony Bradley, FORBES–I’ve written in the past about the importance of converting your analog photos and videos to digital so you can protect them against fires, floods and other potential disasters. The challenges don’t end there, though. There are also some considerations to keep in mind to preserve your digital legacy and ensure your precious memories can be accessed decades from now.


Photo albums and old 8mm family movies may be vulnerable to destruction if a catastrophe strikes your home but the photos at least offer a very unique advantage as well. In the event of your demise—timely or otherwise—the friends and family that survive you can sift through your belongings and find your photo albums on a shelf in the living room, or boxes of photos tucked away collecting dust in the attic. Photos are just there. They just work.


You can’t say the same for your digital legacy. Whether you store photos and videos on your PC, on external hard drives or removable media, or in the cloud somewhere those that survive you may not know they exist. Without something to point them in the right direction they won’t even know the data is available, and without the right credentials they may not be able to access the data. READ MORE



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Watch this KTLA-TV News behind-the-scenes story about how ScanMyPhotos.com digitizes 300,000 each day

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Big News for Google Photos Fans

Everyone who’s been following us knows that we are “yuge” fans of Google Photos. Did you know that since their May, 2015 launch, the free photo-sharing app has scored more than 100 million users.


Big News for Google Photos Fans

Last week, Google Photos announced an exciting new upgrade to their app, and we have the scoop about it right here.



But before we get too excited about all the fun possibilities for organizing current digital photos, it’s important to also add those analog photos to your digital collection.



There’s an estimated three trillion analog photos that were taken over the course of history—and a portion of these may be decaying somewhere in the storage of your home today. Send them to us so we can scan them in, and, in turn, you can ensure their preservation by uploading them to Google Photos.


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When a Good Deal Becomes the Preservation Project of a Lifetime

preservation project

The parents of Deborah’s mother-in-law on their wedding day.

ScanMyPhotos customer Deborah Harman wasn’t actively seeking a photo scanning company—but she found one by way of an amazing deal she couldn’t pass up.


When Deborah found out about ScanMyPhotos, and the current coupon we were offering at the time, her first thought was, “Oh, that’s a really good idea, I should do that!” So, she went ahead and placed an order to scan 2,000 photos. She assumed that would be more than enough to digitize the 25+ photo albums she had in her possession. As it turns out, her estimate was off—by about 5,000 pictures.


“I realized very quickly that scanning 2,000 wasn’t even going to make a dent. I started at the end of December 2013 and bought the last set of photo scanning boxes in June of 2015. Over a year and half, and between other projects, I went through all my photo albums and got the photos cleaned out, bundled, and then scanned.”


After the albums where done, Deborah hit a snag—in the form of scrapbooks.


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Another Reason to LOVE Google Photos

Everyone following our social media and other raving accolades for Google Photos, here is another reason (Smarter Albums) to upload all your smartphone pictures and decades-past analog photos. It’s an integral part of photo organization for so many people.


After an event or trip, Google Photos will now suggest a new album curated with your best shots and the locations of where you’ve been. Customize it, add text, and invite collaborators to add their photos. Telling your story has never been easier.


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5 Must-See Historical Events Caught on Video

historic videos caught on videoWhile nearly everything today is caught on video—whether by one of the many surveillance cameras around the world or from the phone of a passerby—this didn’t use to be the case.


Fifty, twenty, ten, and even five years ago, catching historical moments on camera was a rarity—and something to be treasured. Luckily for us, there were a few major historical events caught on video that continue to provide us and future generations with a look into the past.


Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech


One of the most iconic, rousing, and moving speeches of all time was thankfully captured on camera. Because this video has been preserved, we can continue to spread the words of Dr. King’s speech to stem the tides of hate and promote a future of peace and equality.


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KODAK MOMENTS: A Beautiful New Storytelling App

The iconic Kodak is at it again, with new innovations to celebrate the world of picture taking in today’s all-digital world.  We love this new app from Kodak Alaris to experience visual storytelling.  It transforms photos into beautiful Moments worth sharing. While the app is free, the plan is to monetize it by offering Kodak-branded photographic print and gifting items.


The new KODAK MOMENTS App offers an array of narrative tools meant to awaken the storyteller within everyone.  Pictures can be enhanced with beautifully designed text, block quotes and more.  You follow along to see how people tell their stories and share their Moments. Users get notifications whenever friends start to follow their KODAK MOMENTS or have liked one of their KODAK MOMENTS.
r6wGyxuA 400x400 - KODAK MOMENTS: A Beautiful New Storytelling App

The experience is also completely ad-free, ensuring one’s KODAK MOMENTS App news feed is a place for the most memorable Moments. Follow the conversation on Twitter




Sarah Perez at TechCrunch wrote: Kodak tries its hand at social with new “Kodak Moments” storytelling app


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The Future of Photography: Developing New Trends to Taking and Storing Pictures

future of photographyIt’s estimated that the first partially successful photograph was made in 1816 by Nicéphore Niépce. Nearly 200 years later, it’s safe to say that photography has come a long, long way.


Here at ScanMyPhotos we’re dedicated to making sure the photos of our past are persevered, but we do this by always looking toward the future.


Turning analog images to digital is helping us shape the future of photography—yet, the field will continue to evolve. In fact, there are two major upcoming trends in photography that may once again change how we take and treasure photos. Take a look.


Living photos


When the first Harry Potter movies were released back in the early 2000’s, audiences were enchanted by the magical living photo of Harry’s parents. The idea of living photography—where it appeared the subjects within the photo were moving—was, at the time, revolutionary. Now, however, this technology is becoming mainstream.


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