Scanning My Travel Photos: The New York Times

From Stephanie RosenbloomTHE GETAWAY, The New York Times Travel section (Dec 19, 2016). Tips for everything to do with your decades-past travel photos includes a profile on


Before joining Travel, Stephanie was a New York Times staff reporter for many sections including Business Day, Real Estate, and Styles. She was part of the team that helped create Thursday Styles; the lead reporter for the Metro desk’s Neediest Cases series; and a member of the Continuous News Desk, which provides breaking news content to



Scanning Services


Once you’ve turned the best of your travel photos into art, it’s time to store the rest. If boxes of prints are taking up closet (and psychic) space, there are plenty of sites online that will scan your old photos (as well as negatives, slides and videos) so you can store them digitally. But there are several things to keep in mind.

In general, these sites are a pain to navigate. They’re cluttered with too much text and fine print, and they offer so many options — Do you want your photos scanned in order? Do you want both sides of the photo scanned? — that if you don’t have a goal in mind before you go in, you can quickly be overwhelmed. Decide ahead of time what exactly you want to scan, how many photos you have and how you might use whatever you scan. Also, note that some of these companies by default send DVDs or CDs of your digital files. Not everyone has a CD or DVD player. If you want a thumb drive instead, be sure to select that option (if it’s offered) or call the company and see if it will provide one. Be aware, too, that it’s not unusual for these companies to have long lead times. A number of them digitize your photos in other countries, so it can take weeks to get your images back.

For affordable bulk scans, is an old standby (you can read David Pogue’s review on The company will scan about 1,800 photos at 300 dpi for $145 at its headquarters in Irvine, Calif.; the cost of sending the photo box to you, as well as the shipping of the box to ScanMyPhotos and back to you again is included in the price. That’s one of the least costly and most uncomplicated deals around. Other companies charge for shipping photo boxes. I asked a photo editor at The Times if 300 dpi is sufficient for scanning and she said that to print photos at larger sizes, a higher dpi is preferable. ScanMyPhotos has such an option: a prepaid box for $259 for the same number of scans at 600 dpi instead of 300 dpi. A thumb drive is an additional $15.95 a box.

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How To Locate Tech Companies Profiled in AARP The Magazine

AARP The Magazine (Dec, 2016, page 36), the world’s largest circulation publication with more than 47 million readers, listed the top 20 tech gifts to simplify your life.  This directory with links to the companies profiled in AARP The Magazine’s tech special boasts their top tech gadgets.  Tech Special, 20 New Gadgets To Simplify Your Life (Dec/Jan, page 36) lists amazing ‘organize and make more memories’ tech gifts, and includes “converting old photos to digital files.”

AARPDec 230x300 - How To Locate Tech Companies Profiled in AARP The Magazine










  • –  Custom photo gifting ordered online, from fleece photo blankets, t-shirts, photo books and gallery-wrap canvases. Follow on Twitter




  • Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones – Audio headphones with Bluetooth® technology and noise cancellation. Follow on Twitter





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AARP The Magazine: Tech Guide, 20 Gadgets To Simplify Your Life

AARP The Magazine (Dec/Jan 2017, page 36), the world’s largest circulation publication with more than 37 million readers, profiled 

Simplify your life and revisit decades of nostalgic photo memories. How to easily digitize your pictures

“For large [photo scanning] orders, try Tech Gifts To Simplify Your Life

Tech Special, 20 New Gadgets To Simplify Your Life (Dec/Jan, page 36) lists amazing ‘organize and make more memories’ tech gifts, and includes “converting old photos to digital files.”

Background: The average family has 5,500 analog photo snapshots to digitally preserve, and for larger orders, at a few cents each, try with free 3-way S/H and returned in days.

Many popular add-on features are available to enhance your order, including instant cloud storage uploading, flash drives and super high resolution 600 dpi scanning.

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Inc Magazine: ‘Shift From Traditional Pricing,’ Profile on

“Think You Know What To Charge Your Customers?” 

3 Old-School Pricing Techniques That Still Work Today The rules of what to charge customers are changing--but these tried-and-true methods aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Inc. Magazine (Dec/Jan) profiles

Inc. Magazine, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary as the gathering place for innovative business leaders, profiled the international photo scanning ecommerce company, in its Dec/Jan, 2017 edition. ‘The magazine for growing companies,’ published a feature story (page 44-45) on the changing rules for pricing products and what to charge your customers.







Traditional Pricing Strategies: Do they Work? 


Mitch Goldstone, co-founder and CEO of, in Irvine, California started his service on a pay-per-photo basis, which offered little value for either party.  



“We’d get mailed several thousand images per order; individual pricing wasn’t cost-effective.  So we switched to prepaid boxes–the price included scanning and shipping–that could hold 1,800 photos.”  Freed from counting, customers began sending multiple boxes per order.  “Our extreme simplification of pricing has been enormously successful,” Goldstone said.


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Bring Your Vintage Photos to Life with Vivid-Pix Restore

We’re always on the hunt for awesome photo technology—whether it’s the latest iPhone app or Instagram feature. This week, we had the chance to review Vivid-Pix’s RESTORE software and were amazed at how this easy-to-use program can bring your vintage photos to life.


Who is Vivid-Pix?


The idea for Vivid-Pix started five years ago after the founders came back from a vacation and were dissatisfied with the pictures captured during a scuba diving trip. Every photo looked dull in shades of gray and blue—nothing like the vibrant underwater adventure that was witnessed firsthand. To help bring these photos—and eventually others like them—to life, Vivid-Pix was born.


There are three products the company offers:



While all three products have their merits, RESTORE is the one that enhances old photos so this review is centered on that particular software.


To test the product, I decided to use my recently scanned family photos as a guinea pig.


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