Inc Magazine: ‘Shift From Traditional Pricing,’ Profile on

“Think You Know What To Charge Your Customers?” 

3 Old-School Pricing Techniques That Still Work Today The rules of what to charge customers are changing--but these tried-and-true methods aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Inc. Magazine (Dec/Jan) profiles

Inc. Magazine, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary as the gathering place for innovative business leaders, profiled the international photo scanning ecommerce company, in its Dec/Jan, 2017 edition. ‘The magazine for growing companies,’ published a feature story (page 44-45) on the changing rules for pricing products and what to charge your customers.







Traditional Pricing Strategies: Do they Work? 


Mitch Goldstone, co-founder and CEO of, in Irvine, California started his service on a pay-per-photo basis, which offered little value for either party.  



“We’d get mailed several thousand images per order; individual pricing wasn’t cost-effective.  So we switched to prepaid boxes–the price included scanning and shipping–that could hold 1,800 photos.”  Freed from counting, customers began sending multiple boxes per order.  “Our extreme simplification of pricing has been enormously successful,” Goldstone said.