ScanMyPhotos CEO Mitch Goldstone’s Top Photo Scanning Tips

You press the button, we do the rest. – George Eastman


Mitch Goldstone

Mitch Goldstone, CEO of ScanMyPhotos

When Mitch Goldstone and his co-founder Carl Berman decided to get into the photo printing (and now scanning) business in 1990, Mitch adopted the motto of George Eastman (co-founder of Eastman Kodak). He wanted to make the process as easy as possible for the customer – and he and Carl have done just that.


In a recent interview on Blog Talk Radio with Janet M. Taylor, a Life Strategist who hosts Got Clutter? Get Organized! every week, Mitch shared his top photo scanning tips to make your life easier:


Scan your photos before it’s too late


When Mitch was just 7, his dad passed away, and the only memory he had was a single picture of the two of them taken at Disney Land. He always remembered how important and valuable that irreplaceable memory was, so he decided to tackle the challenge of preserving snapshots before they’re lost to time, natural disasters, or your kids who decide that the photos in this shoebox would make a great art project.


Get the whole family involved


Send a message out to your entire family – aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins – and make it a family project. Have everyone gather snapshots, slides, and all those nostalgic memories so you know you are preserving your entire family history at once.

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Got a Photo Scanning Question? Ask the ScanMyPhotos Concierge

What’s the difference between 300dpi and 600 dpi? What size photos do you accept? Can you handle rush orders?


If you have a photo scanning question, our ScanMyPhotos Concierge can answer it.

Meet up Instagram


Every day – and every night – your burning questions about photography, digital imaging, online photo ordering and photo scanning make their way across the globe to our inbox.


We do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible – and make it fun in the process. When you email us, let us know where you are so we can reply with a “Good morning!” or “Good afternoon!” – or, for our friends Down Under, a hearty “G’day!” You see, our Concierge is not operated abroad, but rather right here at our Orange County, California headquarters – and we do love to hear from you and find out where you are. It never ceases to amaze our team that we reach so many people in every corner of the globe.


If you’d like more immediate feedback, try out our chat. You can do so right here.


Below is a typical chat exchange between a customer (this one was in Brooklyn, NY) and our Concierge in Irvine, California:

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5 Reasons We Love Christmas in July at ScanMyPhotos

Christmas in July

Christmas in July courtesy of SMP customer Patti Gaffney

With Christmas in July coming up in just 2 days, we started thinking about all the reasons we love this non-holiday holiday here at ScanMyPhotos. Here’s why:


1. Christmas in July is a real event


Christmas in July is a silly, fun holiday in the Northern hemisphere, but in the Southern hemisphere it is a big deal – and treated like a real holiday. Because it’s summer on December 25 for countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Christmas in July (aka, Midwinter Christmas) events take advantage of the cooler temperatures. (Lucky dogs also celebrate Christmas on December 25, like the rest of the world.)


2. Great excuse to play “Who Can Spot Santa First”


OK, I made that game up, but what a clever way to keep your kids occupied. Look for Santa water skiing, surfing, or walking on the beach. Taking the dog around the block. Driving in a convertible. Running errands. Who knows where he’ll pop up? If your kids are up for it, have them dress in red, white, and green and take turns guessing how many people will notice that they’re wearing Christmas colors during the day.

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To the millions of merchants across the nation who have been closely following the credit card merchant interchange antitrust battle against MasterCard, Visa, and major banks since 2005, you are familiar with the lead plaintiff role undertaken by Mitch Goldstone and During the historic $7.25 billion settlement, announced in 2012, there continues to be significant news.

subscribe covers 2 - Strikes Meteoric Blow, Dismantling Bank Goliaths #SwipeFees

Credit Union Times Credit Card Interchange Profile on Mitch Goldstone/



Follow along as the CreditUnion Times profiled the David vs. Goliath fight with this update.

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Look Who’s in Real Simple!

Real Simple Ask the Organizer August 2014All of us here at ScanMyPhotos are tickled pink that Real Simple has extolled the benefits of using our photo scanning service in their fresh-on-the-newsstands August issue. Turn to page 77, and there we are!


Ask the Organizer columnist Erin Doland, who answers your top decluttering questions, enthusiastically recommended ScanMyPhotos to Susan R., who wrote in desperate for a photo organization solution:


I have 20 years’ worth of photos all mixed up in bins, drawers, and boxes that I just can’t get in order. Please give me some kind of organizing plan!


Sound familiar? It does to us!

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Camera Shopping Guide: What to Look for When Buying a New Camera

Camera shopping guideYou gotta love technology! Though it changes all the time and is therefore impossible to keep up with, those changes are meant to make our lives easier, whether we’re talking about cars, smartphones, refrigerators, or cameras. If it’s been a while since you purchased a camera, we’ve got you covered.


Here is our camera shopping guide, aka, what to look for when buying a new camera:


Decide what camera qualities are important to you first


Cameras vary by photo quality, performance, features, and design, and it is rare that one camera does all four perfectly. Before you even set foot in a store (or surf online), decide if photo quality is more important than a zillion features, or if the design will have a major impact on how you use it. Once you know what you want, camera shopping just got easier.


Don’t buy based on resolution


Don’t consider resolution (how many pixels the camera uses to produce an image) when camera shopping, because every new camera has more than enough resolution for you, no matter what your needs are.

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