5 Reasons We Love Christmas in July at ScanMyPhotos

Christmas in July

Christmas in July courtesy of SMP customer Patti Gaffney

With Christmas in July coming up in just 2 days, we started thinking about all the reasons we love this non-holiday holiday here at ScanMyPhotos. Here’s why:


1. Christmas in July is a real event


Christmas in July is a silly, fun holiday in the Northern hemisphere, but in the Southern hemisphere it is a big deal – and treated like a real holiday. Because it’s summer on December 25 for countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Christmas in July (aka, Midwinter Christmas) events take advantage of the cooler temperatures. (Lucky dogs also celebrate Christmas on December 25, like the rest of the world.)


2. Great excuse to play “Who Can Spot Santa First”


OK, I made that game up, but what a clever way to keep your kids occupied. Look for Santa water skiing, surfing, or walking on the beach. Taking the dog around the block. Driving in a convertible. Running errands. Who knows where he’ll pop up? If your kids are up for it, have them dress in red, white, and green and take turns guessing how many people will notice that they’re wearing Christmas colors during the day.

3. Get a jump on holiday shopping


Call me crazy, but I am already half way done with my holiday shopping. You can be, too, you know! Why wait til Thanksgiving weekend to start hunting down the perfect holiday gift for your impossible-to-buy for friends and relatives? Get a jump on it now with ScanMyPhotos.com e-gift certificates, which are available year-round.


Our e-gift certificates are available in 4 amounts:

  • $50: Around 312 photos, 128 negative frames, or 67 slides scanned*
  • $100: Around 625 photos, 256 negative frames, or 135 slides scanned
  • $200: Around 1,250 photos, 512 negative frames, or 307 slides scanned
  • $250: Around 1,562 photos, 641 negative frames, or 384 slides scanned


Cool off with holiday music and movies


At the mid-way point through summer vacation, it’s hot and the kids are bored. Turn the A/C down a smidge, crank up the holiday music, and watch favorite holiday movies like “Elf,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” You’ll cool off in no time!


Make Christmas cookies


Most Christmas cookies are just regular old cookies that are only made once a year – in December. Surprise your family by baking up their favorite batch, with or without them, a process you will actually enjoy instead of thinking how fast you can do it so you still have time to decorate the tree, write out cards, or go online and buy some ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificates.


Happy Christmas in July!