Want Tips on Making Your Life Easier? Check Out The Joyful Organizer

The Joyful OrganizerAll of us here at ScanMyPhotos have two things in common: We love providing our customers with a great experience – and we love organizing tips as much as the next person. Maybe it’s because we are constantly helping you organize your photos by scanning them into a digital format, but we’re always on the lookout for helpful tips that will make our lives easier and tidier, too.


One of our favorite blogs on the subject is published by Bonnie Joy Dewkett at The Joyful Organizer, a professional organizing service based in Maine. We don’t love her just because she recently wrote about ScanMyPhotos – though it was really cool of her to do that. No, we love her blog because it is full of so much useful information on making your life easier. From summer safety tips for dogs and kids to 8 things to do before you go to bed at night, check out the blog – we think you’ll love it too.