Watch for “Tales From The Pictures We Saved” Podcast

Tales From The Pictures We Saved

Podcast stories shared by people with generations of nostalgic family photos and why they are so important

From the world of photo scanning, we have 26-years of emotional, heartwarming narratives shared from people around the world who digitized their pictures. This new feature podcast, “Tales From The Pictures We Saved” launches soon. Tune in for regular updates and stories from real people. Revisit these memorable stories, soon to be added to the podcast, along with many more.


Welcome to “Tales From the Pictures We Saved.”  We take you into the lives of photo scanning customers and the incredible stories of life, love, family and history they uncovered from their decades of newly discovered nostalgic photo memories.




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Memorial Day Historical Photos and Stories: Remembering Our Nation’s Fallen Heroes

Memorial DayAs we all get ready for our long weekend by dusting off the grill and unearthing our swimsuits, we want to take a few moments to honor the real reason behind the Memorial Day holiday. While it is the unofficial start to summer, it’s also the time in which we remember those in the Armed Services who died defending our country and our rights. For us, the best way to remember these heroes is through photos and the incredible stories one single shot can tell.


Here are a few historic photos and stories that we should never forget:


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How New iPhone App The Roll is Raising the Bar for Photos

the rollHold onto your boots—you are about to be as excited as we are about The Roll, a brand-new iPhone app that is changing how people interact with their photos in a big way! Using an impressive technology called EyeEm Vision, this app solves problems you didn’t even know you had—until now.


Here are three ways The Roll will change your life:




Before: You spend hours culling through the photos from your trip to Italy, trying to choose which Tuscan hillside scenes and pasta pics are worth sharing with your family.


After: The app gives each picture a score from 0-100 based on its artistic quality—the higher the score, the better the photo. Your best trip photos have already been chosen!


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Scanning Kodachrome slides and Digital ICE

Kodachrome filmWhile ScanMyPhotos champions scanning of your photos to protect them from the unforeseen, we also feature professional 35mm slide scanning services. Each slide is individually hand scanned by our professional technicians, you can select to have each adjusted to achieve the optimum color and density so you end up with the best possible scan at either 2,000 or 4,000 dpi. One issue that arises though is scanning Kodachrome slides and trying to use the Digital ICE process. It is a very powerful scanning tool built into nearly all current slide scanners however, Kodachrome tends to be tricky to scan. First a little history and then we will discuss the issues that everyone faces when scanning Kodachrome.

What is Kodachrome?

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Google Photos Newest Features and Latest Reviews

Google Photos Newest FeaturesOur excitement over Google Photos continues to grow as this free photo-sharing app hones its craft. Used by over 100 million people world-wide, Google Photos is setting the standard for how we store our memories. Here are the new features to get excited about from their latest app update:




In their app update from the end of April, Google Photos added a search bar to the top (replacing the floating action button) which offers suggestions based on the content of the images saved in your library. Want to find those photos of your dog at the beach? All you need to do is search “dog in Huntington Beach” to locate them – no tagging required!


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