Why The New York Times’ “1619 Project” on U.S. Slavery is a Must Read History Lesson

The History of slavery in the U.S. is a compelling narrative about our nation’s history and how 400 years later it still impacts society.

image1 300x270 - Why The New York Times' "1619 Project" on U.S. Slavery is a Must Read History Lesson

One of the most impactful articles we have ever read was from The New York Times Magazine. If you have been reading about the “1619 Project

“Since January, The Times Magazine has been working on an issue to mark the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved people arriving in America. Now, it includes a special section, a multipart audio series and more.” We have been widely sharing it on Twitter and providing commentaries in the hope many will read about the “1619 Project.”

The New York Times Presents The #1619Project.

Four hundred years ago, on August 20, 1619, a ship carrying more than 20 enslaved Africans arrived in Virginia. Tonight, we remember this anniversary with an evening of conversation and performance featuring Nikole Hannah-Jones, Wesley Morris, Jamelle Bouie, Tyehimba Jess and more.


Remember to look out for our “1619 Project” on August 18 which examines how the legacy of slavery continues to shape and define life in the United States.



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“Family Pictures USA” on PBS: Uncover your family history stored in photo albums

Tune in to watch “Family Pictures USA” on PBS. “Once you see America through family pictures, you’ll never see this country again the same way.” Uncover your family history stored in photo albums.

Rediscover your Family History Through Pictures

FGusa3 300x161 - "Family Pictures USA" on PBS: Uncover your family history stored in photo albums

If you are into genealogy, a photographer or are your family’s historical archivist, see why we are raving on the new PBS series “Family Pictures USA. Explore the stories which connect us.

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” comes to life in this new PBS TV series to convey how a single photograph provides meaning to narrate a family’s past.

The Family Pictures USA Story

Family Pictures USA is a documentary-style magazine show, filmed before a live studio audience, that journeys through a rapidly changing landscape where the foundations of a familiar and idealized “AMERICA” are being transformed.


As ordinary Americans begin to discover their hidden family histories, stashed in boxes in dusty attics or on old floppy disks and new smartphones, they will unpack more than artifacts and ephemera.


They will re-meet their relatives and old friends —fascinating characters, brought back to life by images and stories —giving them a new home in our collective consciousness, and introducing us to a more nuanced and diverse story of our common history, shared present and evolving future.


Family Pictures USA will mine this rich treasure trove of personal narratives to reveal roots, connections, and provocative parallels that will surprise us and illuminate the path toward a new America for a 21st Century.

[Content courtesy of Family Pictures USA. © 2019. All Rights Reserved]

scanguy4 300x94 - "Family Pictures USA" on PBS: Uncover your family history stored in photo albums




The St. Louis American Review:

“Harris visited dozens of cities across the United States creating shared experiences of familial pride that made for compelling content for “Family Pictures USA,” which showcases families in Detroit, North Carolina, and Florida.”

More reviews

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NEWS RELEASE: $500,000 Photo Scanning Grant and Advocacy Project Announced by ScanMyPhotos.com

Up To 50 Million Family Photographs to Be Digitized to Protect from Natural Disasters with One-Cent Photo Scanning.


ScanMyPhotos corpoate headquarters in Irvine 300x138 - NEWS RELEASE: $500,000 Photo Scanning Grant and Advocacy Project Announced by ScanMyPhotos.comScanMyPhotos.com announces today an audacious and ambitious program for ONE-CENT PHOTO SCANNING. The goal is to save the nation’s pre-digital snapshots from the destructive forces caused by imminent natural disasters.

According to Climate.gov,  the U.S. was impacted by 14 separate billion-dollar climate disaster events last year. Over the past 30 years, “the U.S. has sustained 241 weather and climate disasters” where the cumulative cost exceeded $1.6 trillion.

The e-commerce photo digitization service is commemorating its 30th anniversary by giving back to help families across the country preserve their history and prepare for natural disasters with THE ONE-CENT PHOTO SCANNING GRANT through August 30th. The grant is being used to fund this innovative pricing to inspire many to digitize their pictures.


IMG 9295 300x300 - NEWS RELEASE: $500,000 Photo Scanning Grant and Advocacy Project Announced by ScanMyPhotos.comOver the past 30-years, ScanMyPhotos has witnessed the aftermath as billions of pictures were destroyed by natural disasters. This ONE-CENT PHOTO SCANNING GRANT advocacy project and financial commitment are designed to help families plan ahead to digitize their analog photo snapshots. As reported by The Weather Channel, stories like this keep occurring, yet are fully preventable.


ScanMyPhotos’ passion is to preserve pictures caused by the effects of climate change which threatens to wipe out family history.

For complete details and to redeem your ONE-CENT PHOTO SCANNING GRANT, visit the “Pay-Per-Photo Scan” page at ScanMyPhotos.com or click here. No promo code is necessary to have up to 4,000 standard pictures digitized for one-cent each at 150 dpi (social media) resolution in compliance with the company’s preparation guidelines. Return delivery and applicable sales tax are not included.

*A $40 minimum charge activation fee applies towards photo scanning only. Many popular add-ons and discounted services are recommended including 300 dpi archival and 600 dpi professional digitization. The activation fee excluding return delivery and sales tax charges.

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