Are Your Family Photos Prepared For Any Disaster?

If your house caught fire tomorrow, what’s the one thing you would save? Before you decide on that difficult answer, you should know that by participating in National Preparedness Month this September, you might be able to save a lot more than just one thing.

Sponsored by FEMA, National Preparedness Month was created to encourage everyone in our nation to prepare for emergencies—whether it’s a terrorist attack, fire, earthquake, or flood. Our intrepid CEO, Mitch Goldstone, is a big believer in being prepared, and it is something he has ingrained in all of us here at ScanMyPhotos. To make sure you are fully prepared, head over to, where you will find plenty of resources.

In addition to survival preparation, let’s take a step back to that fire question—are all of the irreplaceable items in your home safe? Most material items can be replaced, but any item with an emotional attachment could be lost forever if a disaster occurs. These items often include those old boxes and albums of family photos—it’s impossible to replace those moments in time once they’re lost.



“Preparing for a natural disaster is a year-round imperative,” explains Mitch, who added, “In an instant, when disaster strikes, you risk losing precious photo memories. Family photographs document our lives in a way that material items cannot. Once those photos are destroyed, that part of the family history is lost forever. Family photos can also be ‘lost’ due to neglectful storage, sun exposure and actual time.


“It is often forgotten that in the aftermath of a disaster, your insurance will cover the replacement of possessions that have a monetary value, but items with emotional value can never be replaced. Those shoeboxes of family photos tucked away in your closet or attic are often overlooked until it is too late.”

Remember that disaster for your photos could mean something as simple as too much heat in the attic or the passage of decades. Don’t wait until something big happens—your photos could be at risk right now.

For our part, ScanMyPhotos wants to make sure your memories are kept safe. Send us your photos, film, slides or video and we’ll scan and upload them to a DVD or our Cloud Service. It’ll be one more box to check on your preparation checklist and will provide you with peace of mind knowing your photos are safe from being lost forever.

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