The Problem with Windows 10

Like Google Photos and all photo-sharing apps, there is a material problem with Windows 10.


It’s like opening night for a much awaited new Broadway play, after the audience surveys the show and critics write their reviews, today marked a similar milestone for Microsoft. As a leader in the photo imaging industry for 25-years, I share in the overwhelmingly favorable reviews by the tech media as they detail the benefits of Windows 10.


WSJ Personal Tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler explains why Windows 10 is the best PC experience since Windows XP.


The first Windows operating system, introduced in 1985, was like comparing manual telephone switchboard exchanges to our modern mobile smart phones. Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 operating system rollout is ten-times better, but with a problem.


If you’re in the business of digitizing pictures, it’s a good problem to have. The Windows 10 Photo App does a great job correcting, enhancing, auto organizing and easily sharing multiple images across all the social media platforms.


But, you still can’t easily upload analog images. has the easy fix to help everyone enjoy Windows 10 and upload decades of analog pictures, 35mm slides and negatives. We are also helping sites like the new Twitter App for Windows 10. Sure, you can now upload photos to Direct Messages and share up to four pictures within one Tweet, but when it comes time to sharing nostalgic pictures and posting to #TBT [ThrowbackThursday], the Twitter machine only works with digital.

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4 Summer Photography Project Ideas To Do With The Family

Summer Photography Project Ideas The days are long and hot. The kids have been out of school for a few weeks, and—if it hasn’t hit already—boredom may be setting in.


For those who are searching for some arts and crafts projects to keep everyone cool and entertained in the summer heat, why not take this time to delve into some memories, too?


A summer photography project can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Plus, the following project ideas will help to create priceless memories to look back on in the years to come.


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AP and British Movietone published 550,000 video stories

Caitlin Dewey, one of the best, and Social Media reporter at The Washington Post wrote: “An expert’s must-see guide to the half-a-million amazing historical videos AP just put online.”



You’ve probably read about events like, say, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Certainly you studied them in high-school history class. But until Wednesday, you couldn’t see news footage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor as it was shown at the time — because that’s when, for the very first time, the Associated Press put footage of that incident and half a million others online.



All told, AP and a partner, the newsreel archive British Movietone, published 550,000 video stories spanning more than 1 million minutes and 120 years to its new YouTube channel.






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How One Customer Uses Scanned Photos to Share Stories of the Past

Barbini-familyA few years ago, Ed Barbini discovered ScanMyPhotos while reading a news article. “My wife is a total shutterbug and has always been the photographer of our family. We have about 10 bazillion printed photos in binders, boxes, and envelopes around the house—I thought ScanMyPhotos would be a great opportunity.”


When Ed and has wife needed to clean out a few rooms in their house, they decided having the photos digitized would be the perfect way to free up the space.


“If I tried to scan all these photos myself, I’d have no time to talk. As it is, we spent several nights going through the photos just to determine which ones we wanted scanned.”


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4 Cloud Storage for Photos Services You Need to Check Out

SMP-cloudDigital clutter is a very real phenomenon—especially when it comes to photos. Case in point? Take Instagram for example—approximately 21.9 billion photos are uploaded in one year to the popular social site (check out this site for an out-of-this-world demo of just how many photos that is).


So, what do you do with this tangled mess of photographs? We recommend preserving, organizing, and sharing—all of which can be easily done with a good cloud storage service. Here’s a list of some of the best options of cloud storage for photos that will help de-clutter your digital collection.

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Listen to our customers. Read what they have to say about

Customer Reviews

Many are repeats and they always have valuable feedback from their photo scanning experience.  From the sampling below, a common element is to carefully read the ordering instructions that is provided with your order.  It’s not as difficult as, say, assembling furniture from Ikea, but it is important and very simple. Our instructions are constantly morphing based on customer experiences and because we listen.


Of all the photo scanning providers, this company is the fastest and by far least expensive. I can detect no lack of quality compared with other services that I have used.
June 30, 2015


I got my family photos and the new DVD back fast . My photos were all in the same shape and order as I sent them. Scan my Photos employes would always return my calls when I had a question. They provide quality service and would recommend them to anyone.
June 19, 2015


very good company
June 15, 2015


photos arrived back exactly as sent. Scanned copies looked very good. They were not all turned the same way but we did not pay for that extra service.
June 15, 2015


Follow instructions precisely
June 11, 2015


ScanMyPhotos is always very courteous and professional. I know my pictures are in competent hands and I will be happy with the end product.
June 10, 2015


I bought 1,000, but only sent 150! My loss. The returned all and scanned perfectly. I am ready to buy and send another batch of photos to be scanned.
June 09, 2015


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Losing History: The Plight of Local Historical Societies

Patriotic_old_women_-_American_FlagIn just a few days, the United States will celebrate its 239th birthday. We may remember the major battles of the Revolutionary War and can name some of the Forefather’s who signed the declaration of Independence—but what if we couldn’t? What if their names and deeds were completely washed away in the sands of time? What would we be celebrating this Fourth of July?


While our nation still holds the memory of our Independence near and dear to our patriotic hearts, historical societies across the country are having trouble keeping their version of history alive. The plight of local historical societies includes deep budget cuts and risk of endangerment—and with their extinction, the pieces of our local American history could be lost forever.

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